Podcast 196. Nate and the special snowflake comment



Make that 3. This was what I was trying to get at with my ‘Nate show’ comment. I don’t have any problem with hearing insightful comments about Nate’s races, or anyone else’s for that matter. There is huge value in that, as there is in letting Chad finish what he’s got to say without Nate derailing it.



I actually really like the rehashed races. I’m getting ready to do my first crit racing this spring and I’ve actually sought out episodes where you recap a race just to pick up pointers. And then I’ve listened to those sections a couple times. Remember, we’re all bike nerds here!

Also, I couldn’t disagree with OP any more strongly. Nate I’m 5’3’’, our physiology could not be any more different, I can’t recall a single time when your discussions about adapting for a rider outside the cookie cutter cyclists shape didn’t also apply to me in some way. I know negative feedback is often heard more loudly than positive feedback, so let me add my opinion that the current format of the podcast is pretty amazing, I learn an emmense amount every week, and I don’t desire any changes in the content. Keep ok killin it you three.


General comment not directed at anyone or OP.

I paid $0.00 to listen/watch the podcast and $0.00 for the use of this forum. Any complaining about how the hosts deliver on either should really be compared in this context. If you pay for a product and feel it is substandard then by all means I think saying something is your duty. But, paying nothing for something that costs something in hopes of it improving your performance and complaining about it seems a bit disingenuous.

Hire a coach if you are teetering on every word of these podcasts. Or start your own podcast.


Whilst the podcast is free ‘at the point of use’, it is wholly paid for by TrainerRoad subscribers.



@Landis, if I might reply I dont agree with this line of thinking. From my perspective and I think especially from the TR perspective. These guys clearly care, ALOT. They want to put a good product and podcast so Id think they’d welcome, constructive feedback. To say, well its free so the quality or the way in which the content is being perceived is meaningless is missing the point of the podcast in the first place and a bit judgmental.


The guys do an amazing job on the cast (along with everything else) and I don’t think people realize how much effort it takes, and what they actually put into it to make it the success that it is. I and so many others appreciate that work and willingness to share so much about their personal and sporting lives.

That human touch from all aspects is one of the keys to their success, IMHO. I can’t imagine putting myself out there, as they have done, and dealing with the consequences of people second guessing their performance, decisions, etc. That level of scrutiny would crush plenty of people.

I admire their willingness to share so much, with the ultimate goal of allowing us to learn from their successes and failures. I personally have gained in many aspects of my life from many hours of listening to them all. I had one of my best years on a bike in 2018, nailing the performance and output goals I had set for myself.

A large part of that came from the training in TR, but also a bunch from the experiences they shared and guidance that came from the shows. A ton in particular from the discussion in the TT prep and related races, and more from the road race tactics and discussion. The good, bad and funny from their experiences make it so easy to relate to and give the show real ‘life’.

In the end, I just think the guys should do whatever it is that they see is best. Continue to make great choices as they have already done. Above all, be themselves and know that they have the respect from so many of us for all the good that they have done and continue to do.


Yup - Credit to @Nate for putting his race prep and strategy out there for us every week, then turning up at races in his TR gear, arguably the tallest guy in the race, with distinctive kit - that shows his commitment to the product and us as the end user/customer - the podcasts complement the product and have taught me a lot about training science and myth alike ! However, well done the OP for voicing one opinion - all feedback is valuable.


I often refer to @chad as my head and @Nate as my heart. I find myself constantly googling things Nate is talking about, I learn a ton that way. I find myself really taking Chad’s information and storing it away, tons of value, and I find myself talking to my wife about the things Nate talks about because they’re interesting and exciting to me. I don’t mean to leave @Jonathan out either because he’s equally awesome, often when Chad and Nate are going back and forth and I’m thinking in my head “Yeah but _____” , Jonathon pops in there with that exact point. The podcast is amazing and something I look forward to every week, it’s an integral part of my training. I trust your guys judgement but I really really love the current format and have no complaints. Nate’s enthusiasm for cycling and getting faster is so palpable, I identify with that so much and it’s a big part of my love for TrainerRoad.


@Nate I have to tell you that the Leadville episode is what got me started on the podcast, and eventually what got me started on TR. The podcast is currently my favorite that I listen to (ask my girlfriend, it’s all I talk about :rofl: ). I love how much I learn from each episode, along with the entertaining nature of the show and how you three interact. I hope you don’t change anything.

P.S. I’m 5’6", barely average athlete, and I still like hearing about your race reports. Cheers!


Of all the cycling related podcasts I’ve listened too, the TR podcast is the only one I truly look forward too. Most others out there are boring recaps of races I’ve likely already watched or read detailed coverage of from online sources. I feel like with Jonathon, Chad, and Nate, as well as the other regulars, that I’m part of the conversation, that they’re talking about things that I think about and that can and do affect me and my riding. I don’t want what they have to say be so generic, I want to hear their experiences and compare them to mine. 5 stars, BTW…


I really love the podcast just the way it is. I like the natural conversational style that you all have, and I wouldn’t want you to feel like you have to change. I have learned a hell of a lot, thanks!


You din’t need to justify yourself but mightly impressive you provided a reasoned response. Love the podcast, informative and fun, though Chad gets super deep at times… give him some more IPA!!


Leadville episodes are what got me to finally sign up. The specificity, and the way you think through the principles and apply them very specifically, is what makes this podcast/ecosystem different and therefore highly valuable to me.


I had no idea this would cause this much issue.

I am grateful for the amount of people that have commented on it as I feel there have been a few things mentioned of possible improvements to something we obviously care very much about.

I am even happier to see how many people have posted to say how much they love this podcast. If I didn’t give a shite about it I would not have mentioned one thing about it and in all honesty it took a lot of thinking if I should or not.

My intention was to give feedback. I have repeatedly said that I love The vast majority of the teams input(especially leadville as it made it seem that i was experiencing it). I am also looking forward to a leadville type show after the 24 hrs event. However when I posted my original issue it was a little off as it basically boiled down to interactions during Chad’s deep dives that caused my issue(This is my first actual rest day that I have not been sick since I started trainer road(thx Coach Chad episode 196 “rest days”)). I still have not met with my PT to really nail down his issue with the podcast, but after all of this I will let sleeping dogs lie.

Anyways to those I have offended I do apologize, that was certainly not my intent.

Thank you for your time and patience in this matter!


I listen to every episode and don’t remember the special snowflake comment. But those are also not the nuggets of info that I am focusing on to take away. A lot of what Nate talks about does hit home for me as I am also 6’6", but beyond that these are general principles. I don’t have to be 6’6" to take away that a decent short sleeve skin suit is going to be faster for me than a traditional road bike kit. I had several take away’s from the Specialized wind tunnel episode that could be applied to all shapes and sizes of riders. For example if I were 5’5" I would use that info to ride a taller rider off my wheel.

For me I like hearing all the questions and answers as I don’t have the time or resources to try everything out myself. It is a great free way to bring up your biking knowledge exponentially without in a short period of time and in an entertaining manner.


Pretty sure it has something to do with the type of people who have been using it in the US since 2016. Its not a good association.


NorCal is a great model for your content. I don’t know how he manages the editing (taking footage from my races has proven to be the easy part - making something watchable/useful incredibly hard!), but he’s doing a great job of narrowing the footage down to what matters. That said, full races have a place too - they’re great to throw up when working on the trainer. I like Ryan Aitcheson’s stuff, a couple of our local racers, and USACrits.tv for that that.


Nate can be funny and entertaining but fair comment. I won’t stop listening.


huge me too on this for both Nate and Jonathan. I would like for Chad to have the chance to finish his thoughts and explanations before everyone else chimes in with their simplifications, comparisons and anecdotes. The last few episodes Chad has said “I was about to get to that” or something alongs those lines quite a few times after Nate or Jonathan interrupted. Please give Chad a chance to finish before you go all star trek on him (sum up a complicated topic with a simple analogy). I’m a big big fan of the science, please let it be explained fully.


I’ve listened to over 100 episodes and tune in weekly. It’s a great podcast that isn’t afraid to acknowledge when they don’t have an answer, and recognize there are no absolutes in cycling—you can’t really generalize—it’s highly individual. I find it interesting to hear what everyone is doing, especially Nate because at times he’s transparent (as is the whole crew) and is willing to be vulnerable.

It would be cool to do more Q&A’s with pro’s, sports physios, and other industry experts so that a range of questions from users can be answered, but I don’t see what the problem is with Nate using himself as the basis for a lot of questions.

5 stars