Podcast Recommendations


One that isn’t made anymore but that I really enjoyed was Open Mic with Mike Creed.
Pretty irreverent and some good behind the scenes conversations with some pro riders.


Listened to an episode of the Downtime ([http://www.downtimepodcast.com/]) podcast while doing my workout yesterday. It was a really interesting episode featuring Rachael and Gee Athertons coach, talking a lot about strength and conditioning.


Velocast specifically for “This Week in Cycling History”.


Ben Greenfield.

*edited that this is not an endorsement, but the response to someone who was asking who the “snake oil salesman” is.


I guess I’m the minority as I don’t think that is a fair statement, it’s not as if he’s trying to sell some magic elixir claiming you will beat Froome up Ventoux. Sure sometimes his guests can be on the otherside of woo :face_with_monocle:, but there are usually a few nuggets you can take away from each episode. If nothing else it can be entertaining. :man_shrugging:


He sells magic bracelets. And coffee enemas.

My bullshit detector would be flashing all sorts of crazy colors if my lower intestine wasn’t so well “detox’d” with his Kion coffee enema…


Now that’s just a waste of perfectly good coffee. Just don’t tell me you sleep in a faraday cage too. :crazy_face:


Velonews is a great podcast. Go to the fast talk podcasts. It’s always on topic. They have different guest speakers like matt Fitzgerald who wrote How bad do you want it and racing weight and Joe friel who wrote the cycling bible and many others.


The singletracks podcast interviews with charlie kelly, Tom Ritchie and Joe Breeze were great! They also had an episode about what it takes to build a new trail with an environmental engineer that was a real treat.

“Jolanda Neff’s BF and some Yeti Fanboy” :joy:

I listen to the “B1ker Bar” podcast when I’m in between other episodes. He’s foul mouthed and focuses a little too much on youtube goals but he is getting better and better at interviews with folks from around the industry and other youtube mtb personalities like BKXC, Singletrack Sampler, etcetera. I just tune in to his show when I’m commuting and drive my wife and kids nuts with the Ask a cycling coach podcast or MTB podcast because I know they are reliably family friendly.


Recently, while driving to Burnaby B.C. to get some track racing in, I listened to a series of podcasts from USA Cycling that were just outstanding! If you like to geek out on sports science, nutrition, how the body adapt to training, our fuel systems, etc, these are awesome. These are lectures from a USA Cycling Level 2 coaches clinic, taught by J. Andrew Doyle, Ph.D., FACSM, an associate professor of exercise physiology and the director of the Applied Physiology Laboratory in the Department of Kinesiology and Health at Georgia State University, where he formerly served as the department chair.

For instance, ever want to know why power and sprint athletes take creatine? This podcast series explain the mechanics behind this. It will also explain the 3 main energy system, and how you can train to make them adapt to improve your performance.


freakonomics is REALLY good. I wasn’t expecting the cracking sport related stuff in there.


Zen Triathlon. The guy is a really sound dude. Great interviews and an easy listen. I look forward to these.


Another vote for The Cycling Podcast (how I got into TrainerRoad) and the Friends Specials they do. As I am in the UK I listen to the Friday Night Comedy from BBC Radio 4


One of TrainerRoad’s lesser know competitors have come up with a podcast, too:

Tried the first episode, not overly exciting, but will give some more opportunities. But I still have more than hundred of Ask a Cycling coach episodes to catch up :wink:


Not cycling related, but I highly recommend: This American LIfe and Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History. Both series are fantastic!


https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/wrongful-conviction-with-jason-flom/id1151670380?mt=2 Damn good.

Really good too. https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/tiny-desk-concerts-audio/id657476401?mt=2

Way better than I expected but not surprised. https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/oprahs-master-class-the-podcast/id1401057414?mt=2

Americans can probably appreciate this more, however, it’s told well. Great piece of reporting.


I love this series. This guy always has some really interesting speakers - coaches, sports medicine specialists, time trialists, nutrition experts, aerodynamic research specialists, etc. It all need not be just a benefit for TT either.


Remember Loveline with Adam Corolla and Dr. Drew? I do and was and still am obsessed with it. Hilarious and educational. Remember, it was pre-internet so the questions people called in with were questions we would never ask out loud in front of a national audience. Thank you google for never forcing me to ask private questions in public. lovelinetapes.com just start with the most popular episodes and go down. You’ll die. It’s wild.

However. If you’re looking for something new to fill the void Loveline has left since it went off air. There is a new 21st century kid on the block. Enter “Where should we begin?” It’s recordings of a relationship therapist with her patients. This one is heavy, funny and very real. Anyone interested in being in a relationship or in a relationship should listen to this. I am not kidding.


‘Where Should We Begin’ podcast, had the greatest impact on my day to day life. Improved (ing) my relationship with partner which ultimately means improved bike performance! Give it a go. Been some gold listening.


Earhustle. Fascinating. Human. Incredible. https://www.earhustlesq.com/