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Add this one to the list. A discussion about ultra-endurance, performance enhancers, fasting, ketosis and more. This is a good one.


Second this Podcast. He is quite a good interviewer with a nice easy flow to the conversations.
His guests are starting to get a little repetitive however. Be nice to hear some new blood.


Josh Poertner has a new podcast out, and it’s pretty fascinating. Josh is always an interesting person to listen to, as he has vast experience.


This. I use the back catalog to fall asleep. He’s so mellow, it works wonders when I’m too worked up from indoor soccer matches at 11pm.


I’ve recently discovered this new podcast discussing mental health in sport:

The first episode is an interview with Jonny Brownlee. Refreshing to hear this kind of discussion; well worth a listen.

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After the awesome podcast 193 with Amber Pierce it would be great to see another top female rider in the TR Podcast room!
How about getting hold of Kate Courtney, she is super funny and a great MTB rider, also a World Champ, current Cape Epic Champ (along with teammate Annika Langvad) and a yoga nut…

Things that can be discussed with her:

  • Her World Championship Ride’s Power Data File (I add the link at the bottom of this post)
  • Her 2018 UCI XCO Season
  • Her 2018 Cape Epic win
  • Her reasons for not doing Cape Epic in 2019
  • Her move away from Specialized to Scott Racing
  • And a bunch of other training/nutrition/racing stuff

For double the fun, also get her mechanic Brad Copeland on the show with her to discuss being a mechanic on the XCO Circuit and on the Cape Epic …

Kate’s Power Data File


In one of the threads on the forum someone (couldn´t find out who) mentioned a great podcast about physiology and the systems in use during training.

I was wondering if anyone else have any tips or suggestions for good podcasts or online lectures on training and/or physiology?

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I think the Fast Talk podcast by VeloNews is probably the top of the heap as far as super in depth training and physiology goes. This week’s episode was a good one. They tend to have a good mix of coaches, athletes, physios, sports scientists, dieticians, etc and often bring on guests that don’t share the views of they’re in house coach.

FasCat’s podcast is way more laid back and less dense, but again, top flight guests and very good training info.

The Consumate Athlete and Flo Cycling are also worth a listen.

Along with the TR podcast, these give a nice balance of style and content.


Thanks a lot. I will check them out.


Not a podcast, but recommend the audio book of “Brave Athlete, Calm the F**k Down”. It’s narrated by the authors, husband and wife team. Husband is British sports psychologist, wife is Scottish pro triathlete. They alternate reading chapters. Text has an abundance of f-bombs and four letter words, which when read in a lovely female Scottish brogue is hilarious. Some solid sports psychology mixed in with the funny bits


This is the best podcast on exercise physiology that I’ve come across. I learned a ton from it.


Post like this make the forum great. Just started listening to the Sonya Looney podcast on meditation and see myself listening to her whole catalog soon.

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What is the best podcast you mention?


The one you linked to above.


Latest episode of “Faster by FLO” Podcast is pretty cool. A little nostalgia, a little tech, a lot of enjoyable content.

Edit to add the link I posted yesterday:

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Great listen on Jonathan’s background and also the making of TR. Really enjoyed it.


Also @Jonathan with your explanation of ‘arm pump’ it sounds like a condition called acute compartment syndrome and the mechanism is basically what you said where a muscle swells within a fasciae sheath resulting in blood vessel and nerve compression. Sounds bloody horrible :flushed:


Not cycling related but Cleared Hot is a new podcast to me and it’s a fascinating listen.


This. Plus, you have @Mikael_Eriksson in this forum to torment about his stuff.

This. Triathlon swimming, specifically. The podcast is in fact 50% triathlon swimming, 50% entertainment. They’ve slowed down with frequency recently and to be honest they might be phasing out, but nothing stops you from listening to the 62 episodes already out there.


I forget which TR user mentioned this one previously, but this is my favorite episode of my new favorite podcast. And I’m strictly a cyclist…

The first 5 min is pure gold.