Podcast request: Maximum Overload for Cyclists


I don’t know how Nate and/or Coach Chad would feel about commenting on another commercially available training program, but it seemed like there was a TON of chatter about the ‘Maximum Overload for Cyclists’ in the Facebook forum.

I know from the podcast history that Coach Chad and the TR crew are advocates of weight training ‘whole body’ fitness – especially for masters level athletes like me – but he also seems to be consistent in his position that while strength training is beneficial overall, it won’t make you faster on a bike.

However, ‘Maximum Overload’ claims to be a strength training program the does make you faster on the bike, and is endorsed by (I think) a few former members of the pro peloton – notably, Dave Zabriskie.

Anyway – it seems like a semi-hot topic, if for no other reason the amount of strength training questions which seem to be submitted over the years.

If there is a commercial objection to covering this, I would totally understand – but if not, I’d love to hear if the TR team thinks this strength program has merit in terms of making us all faster.



This is definitely something I would be interested in hearing, specifically how to integrate the MO program over a season.