Polar Vantage Question, double the power

So thought i’d throw this up as maybe someone has had a similar issue. I’m using a polar vantage v and polar flow to track my training data. I’m still holding onto my training peaks account until it is up or I decide that Polar flow isn’t for me. So far I like it, but it’s early and there’s a few issues, but I’ve found work arounds for them that aren’t a big deal.

Here’s my issue. Indoor TR workout, running it off my iPhone, both kickr, favero pedals and H10 heart rate strap are sending data to my phone. I also have the kickr and H10 connected to the watch to record data that can be uploaded to polar flow. My issue is that when I start a workout on the watch (after I’ve started it on the phone/pedaling) my watch is showing exactly double the power as my phone shows. Normally if I cancel the workout on the watch and restart it, this problem fixes itself, but today after 3 tries, I was still getting 2x power, so I gave up and didn’t record on the watch, which means the data doesn’t go into polar flow because TR and polar flow don’t talk to one another (Polar’s issue, not TR)

So has anyone seen this before? got an idea?

I use the Polar Vantage M with a PowerTap and have always gotten to correct # both on my display and in the Polar flow training log. Since you are getting your power reading at the pedal it may have something to do with it doubling what it is getting on the left crankarm and doubling it??

There might be some support material available on the website and if not contact Polar customer service and they’ll probably be able to straighten it out. Good luck!

When I first did it, that’s what I thought too, so I didn’t have the watch connect to the pedal, only the kickr. That didn’t change anything. Today I tried connecting things in different orders to see if there was an issue with that, didn’t change anything. So I ended up sending power from the pedal to the watch and power from the kickr to the phone and that worked. Not perfect (no distance/speed data to polar flow, but who cares on a trainer and only the super smooth power data into TR), but for now until I find out if there is something I can do differently it’ll work.

That issue with Polar doubling power from pedals was an issue when the v800 first came out. It is an issue that Polar customer support is experienced in fixing. Contacting the Polar customer support team can probably get the issue rectified for you.

cool, thanks. It wasn’t doubling power from the pedals, but from the kickr core. When I paired it with the pedals (and disconnected the pedals from my phone) I got correct data. Either way, I contacted customer support to see if they’ve got any ideas.