Power Meters for MTB


I have a Cinch power meter on my Santa Cruz Tallboy. I put 3k miles on it last year and it was perfect. I ride it in XC race configuration and trail mode. I’m a pretty aggressive rider and the Cinch has survived several crashes and two broken wheels (I’ve put it through the ringer). I’ve never had a power-spike, nor a dropout.
My first unit broke after a few hundred miles but the warranty replacement has been flawless. I already had the compatible cranks so saving several hundred dollars was a no-brainer.

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Stages works great! I love having power on my mountain bike.

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Same issue here. Golden Cheetah is your friend. Easy to find and remove spikes. A bit time consuming though, but worth it on at least race data.



Go with the NGEco :slight_smile:



Anyone use a power meter on their MTB that they like? I think single-sided is fine for me in this case, since I’m really just looking to track overall TSS, and maybe see what I put out on punchy climbs – but will not be training to power while riding. Just want it for analysis afterwards.

Is there a pedal based power meter for MTBs, by the way? I would think they’d get too banged up, and are not compatible with two-hole cleats…but who knows?



i use the race face cinch, spindle based but is still left side only. And of course will only work with race face cranks. I use it for both actual mountain biking like you describe as well as on the trainer.
It’s been great, haven’t really had any issues. It’s even survived a fair share of creek crossings :smirk:



I have both 4iiii Precision and Stages XTR and have nothing negative to say. The 4iiii was a lot more accurate when tested on my Neo trainer and it can be calibrated through its app so that is a very strong incentive to buy the 4iiii instead of Stages. But I guess it all depends on what you find and at what price.

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Assuming you are getting that Agonist: https://power2max.cc/collections/ngeco-mtb-power-meter/products/ngeco-mtb-sram

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Will it only work with race face cranks? I thought thr spindle is a fairly standard bb30 diameter but since I’m using race face am not totally sure.



Yeah, only with race face (and easton on the road side i believe). The power meter spindle is the same spindle interface as a typical 30mm race face spindle. However, from what i understand, the race face spindle-crank interface is different than other manufacturers (sram, shimano, e13, etc.).



Can you tell for sure that this would work with the Agonist 02 Two as spec’d online? I’m just barely getting up to speed on MTB tech specs (like…what the hell is boost spacing?) – but this thing looks like exactly what I need. I don’t know if there is a crank consideration here…confusing.



Looking at the spec, it should work just fine as long as the crank is an NX Eagle crank rather than the previous NX. The NX Eagle uses a direct mount chainring that has the same pattern as the Power2Max spider that I linked. IMO, I’d wait until the bike arrives, then verify what crankset.

Assuming everything checks out, you could then order the P2M and just pick whichever size ring to match what comes on the bike.



Boost spacing has a 3mm offset to account for the cassette being slightly more outboard on a 148mm rear hub (Boost hub).

Standard hub is 142mm wide, so the 6mm is spread 3mm each way. To keep the chain line good, i.e. straight chain in the middle gears, the crankset will be either offset via the BB spacing, in the spider, or most easily, in the chain ring.

Just wait till you go Super Boost 152mm hubs. You, know, because the standard DH rear hub of 150mm just wasn’t enough.

If you go to sleep tonight, there’ll be a new standard for you to worry about in the morning…that’s how MTB works, ya know!!! :woozy_face:



SuperBoost is 157mm

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I also have this and it works great. Power2Max NGEco on GX Eagle Boost and I’ve been very happy with it.



I thought it was 152… Must have my supers mixed up…but you are indeed correct!

It’s still kinda dumb though, except on ebikes and Pininon/gearbox bikes. It doesn’t look right on the Knolly’s for example.

Was the DH standard 152mm then?

Gawd…too many hubs!!!



Umm, yup, clear as concrete :stuck_out_tongue:



Been using 4iiii on my hardtail for a few years now (got it late spring 2016). No issues, good performance. It’s been so hassle free that I decided to get the same crankset on my new bike (came with sram, but the 4iiii is on an XT crank) so I can use it on the new full suspension. I’m planning on selling my hardtail and hopefully replacing with an XC full suspension bike. If so, I’ll likely put XT cranks on that as well and then simply swap the left arms back and forth. I generally prefer sram over Shimano, but the Shimano cranks are just so easy to take on and off.



Been using a Sram BB30 XX1 Eagle Quarq even though my bottom bracket it a BSA. No complaint here, very reliable and good performance, what you’d expect from Quarq.

Have mentioned the installation here, required a bit of “adjustment”

At some point I need to create a spare Hope bracket/bearing because if I’m out on a long week/month away, I’m not going to find one that fits at a local bike shop if one is ever required.



I’d like to know what everyone is using for a power meter on their BOOST frames. I picked up a set of eeWings Stages thinking “power meter for life” until I ran into a frame clearance issue. The power unit runs smack into the chain stays, it’s just not compatible with my bike. Stages mounts the unit on the drive side for this beauty of a crank set FYI.

I’ve not had that issue in the past with other bikes and stages and would prefer using crank based power. I’ve run Race Face cranks in the past but I’ve had durability issues there so I’m hesitant to trying their Cinch power meter but it’s looking like the best fit.

What else is out there beyond Quarq?