PowerTap G3 hub gone dark on me


My trusty G3 hub has disappeared. My phone doesn’t recognize it, my wahoo can’t find it, my Garmin doesn’t even have its number anymore. The battery was showing about 60% two weekends ago. I’m going to change that out tomorrow, but has anyone else ran into this with PowerTap?


That sounds like what my C1 would do when the battery died completely. Just fell off the face of the earth. The C1 had an indicator light that I could watch for to verify that it was dead.

On the subject of batteries - from what I understand, you can’t really trust a battery indication for replaceable batteries. There’s too much varience in quality for Powertap or anyone else to know how much power is really left in them.


Had a similiar issue after about a year with mine but my hub only had the ant+ cap. Replacing battery didnt work. Had to send it in under warranty. They replaced it with the ant+/Bluetooth cap. Has Worked fine since


Yes, swap the battery out. My G3 dies on me suddenly every time.


Yup, it was battery. Put a new battery in and it reads at 69%. I think I’ll start marking my training peaks calendars when I change batteries and plan on doing that every six months.


In the Devices section of the TR mobile app, you can see the listed battery level. I know it works for my BLE enabled versions. I think I also checked my ANT+ PT hub too.

I am pretty sure that you can check on them that way and know quickly if you should replace them.


This is actually where things went south! I typically check battery levels when I calibrate, and it indicated it was fine prior to dying. Then with a fresh battery, it’s showinf 70% now. So take it with a grain of salt!


Oh, interesting.