PowerTap P1 pedals and TR iOS app


I have recently started using P1 pedals (with left and right power measurement) in conjunction with my Kickr Snap smart trainer using the power match settings. This has worked very well and I am very happy not to have to stop after 10 minutes to perform a spindown calibration.

My only question is whether in the transmission of power readings from the pedals to my iPhone via Bluetooth the reading from one pedal is being doubled or if the contribution from each pedal is measured separately? I ask because when doing single leg drills on the right leg, the power reading is zero despite my left leg being engaged and producing force.

Sorry if this has been covered already.


Yes, just doubles the left leg.


Thanks very much. Do you happen to know if this it also doubles the left leg if I transmit via ANT+?


ANT+ is true dual sided.