Powertap P1 pedals troubleshooting

I use Powertap P1 pedals and a Garmin Edge 520 outdoors and have been happy.

There’s always been a message indicating the right sensor is missing. But recently I get this message repeatedly during a ride and the power readings stop intermittently.

Software is up to date on both the pedals and Edge. Batteries are new. When u use the Powertap app on my phone both pedals seem to be happy.

Any ideas for trouble shooting? Garmin doesn’t think it’s them.

I can get this message if we have stopped and are chatting for a bit during a ride. I just click OK and then continue ride and the left/right data is always there.


My P1’s started dropping out mid ride or giving spurious power readings. It turned out to be a failed cadence sensor ring inside the pedal which is known to come loose over time. I got them replaced under warranty (at 23 months!!)


I have P1S (left side only) and a 520 plus, I haven’t seen any errors yet.

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I have the same setup… recently had to have them send me a new battery cover because the one the pedals came with stripped. On my 3rd time taking it out/reinstalling it. If your’s hasn’t stripped I would call them and ask for a replacement. They did it no charge for me.

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Thanks for all the comments.

Replacing the battery caps has resolved the issue. They contain the Ant and Bluetooth transmitters.

The support agent asked if I had V2 or V3 caps - and I had the ones before they had version numbers. Just made it under warranty.

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The battery caps can be troublesome. I had some issues after I replaced a battery - one of my caps was failing and I could tell which one by switching it left - right. They are under £20 so even if you aren’t under warranty, if you start getting odd dropouts or inability to pair (especially after changing the battery) it’s worth trying a new set just in case that’s the issue.

First set of P1 pedals bought Sep 2015, after bizzare readings and upgrading to V2 caps, replaced under warranty in June 2017. Replacement set started giving very high calibration (offset) readings and I feared the worst but had a go with the V3 caps and strangely all the problems went away. I did also in the meantime buy a set of single sided P1 pedals (you can pair the left one with your current right one and they were very cheap as now surpassed model-wise) and I noticed that the battery housing is much tighter compared to my current set.