Preventing dropouts

I’ve noticed increased frequency of Power dropouts while Riding indoors and even had the app quit on me mid ride yesterday. Easily had 4+ dropouts on each ride over the last 2 weeks. So I’m seeking advice on optimizing my setup.

I use assioma duo with a kinetic fluid trainer. I record on TR with my iPhone XR using Bluetooth. I also record power and HR on ant+ using my garmin 935. I see dropouts on TR that don’t exist on my garmin files.

My watch and iPhone are within 6 inches of each other all the time. I don’t have any routers nearby either. I’m in my basement.

Does the TR app freeze occasionally on iPhone? What else can I do to help this setup so not experiencing this problem? Thanks.

Hey @AndrewL,

Our Support Team would be happy to help you troubleshoot your dropout issues and determine the cause of your app crash, you can reach the team at

In the meantime, this is a useful resource that may help you improve your wireless training environment:

Also, since you are having app performance issues, I would recommend closing all non-essential background apps when training with TrainerRoad. This will free up memory on your phone and allow the TrainerRoad app to have all the processing power it needs.

Will TrainerRoad ever expose the connection monitor to the users so we can verify and test our setup? Leaving it with support generally ends up with the same generic responses.

We do not plan to have athlete-facing log files availiable in the future. We feel that you get the best resolution by working with one of our Support Agents who is trained to read and understand the logs, and having them work through potential solutions with you :+1:.

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