Preventing Saddle Sores


I had terrible issues my first two seasons of riding. Any time a week went over 8 hours riding time a sore was guaranteed. Any time I got caught out in the rain, a sore was guaranteed. I had a bike fit done, and part of it involved measuring my sit bones, turns out I’m pretty wide. I purchased a wide and flat saddle, the Specialized Power in its widest size, and have never had an issue since. Biggest game changer in my cycling life. If saddle width isn’t your issue, I second all the advice about hygiene before and after riding. Chlorhexidine is pretty amazing stuff they use it for surgical prep. It basically forms an anti microbial barrier that lasts several hours. You can use it before and after your ride. It burns a little, but works really well. If you ask at the pharmacy they’ll be able to direct you to an appropriate product. Until I sorted out the saddle width, the chlorhexedine was a big help. I still use it before and after any 6 hour + rides.


Check your saddle is the correct height, if it’s too high it can cause saddle sores.


+1, this is what helped me. I was getting some unfortunate rubbing when I was properly positioned on the saddle wings, so I tended to slide or rotate forward resulting in moving the problem. A few mm lower saddle position let me sit back and not get the same rub. :grin:

A different saddle shape might have helped also, but i’m already on one that curves a lot from the wings to nose.


Which alcohol wipes are you using? The small prep pads? Thanks!


I use these sensitive skin facial cleansers for cleanup after rides, when I don’t have access to a shower. They are all cheeks right? :stuck_out_tongue:

Get out of the bibs, wipe down, throw on some boxers and shorts and good to go.
I know others use baby wipes, and I have even seen a branded version called “Dude Wipes”.

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I usually shower right after. I’m thinking the alcohol wipes before the ride or workout. Willing to try anything!


A few things I am doing, after my workout and morning shower:

#1) Witch hazel or 70% isopropyl alcohol, I have used both. I clean the area thoroughly with a soaked wash cloth.

#2) Desitin diaper rash ointment, the white zinc oxide kind, used during the day. Yeah, you kind of smell like a baby, but let’s face it…folks shouldn’t be THAT close to you.

#3) Bag Blam ( used at night before I go to bed. I equate this smell to a petting zoo, again who’s smelling you?

I’ve been doing this for a few week now and things are infinitely better in that area of my world :smiley:

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I like Sportique Century Riding cream. Since it’s anti-bacterial, I’ve noticed less, and been using for a long time, riding about 10-15k miles a year. Also, if you see one forming, you can put a dab on it after you shower and dry the area well, and seems to make them go away overnight.

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I buy a bottle of 90% isopropyl alcohol, and squirt that on a tissue, baby wipe, cotton pad or similar. That’s a lot cheaper vs individual wipes.

I do that before and after riding. And will dab the alcohol pad on my chamois also if it’s my 2nd ride on that chamois (I know, this violates the “only once” rule - but we all do it at some point :grin:)