PSA: Opening MacOS app prior to calendar update may change your FTP



TLDR: Check your FTP on the TR web site after you install the calendar update for MacOS.

Hi folks,

I have noticed some strange behaviour with the MacOS app. It set my FTP to an old value when I opened it so that I could install the calendar update. I had to manually set my FTP to my most recent value.

This happened to me twice, and I’m somewhat certain it may have altered my body weight too.



Have you reported this issue to

Sounds like it should be reviewed by them.


I have! Just letting people know as I unknowingly did one of my workouts at an old (lower) value.


This brings up a good point, and a Feature Request from me.

I’d like to have a display showing the FTP setting for the workout. I have had similar concerns about having the wrong one on some workouts.

Additionally, it would be cool to see that FTP value update when the Workout Intensity is adjusted (multiply the FTP by the WI).


Is there a way of checking what FTP was used for a particular workout? I’ve had a couple of really difficult workouts and my inclination so far has been an equipment problem, particularly power match, but if the FTP is wrong, that might explain things equally as well.


It normally shows in the workout graph, at the right side IIRC. But there may be a bug right now that isn’t showing it.

So, open the workout, click the 3 dots at the bottom right of the graph and data, click edit, and you will see the FTP there.


Saw something similar a week or so back - I was told that sometimes the change doesn’t always carry through so am always careful to check now. Hopefully they’ll iron it out