PSA/Request for GoPro users during races

For those that use a GoPro/ action cam during races upload the entire video to YouTube. It’s free and relatively easy, Just throw the date, race location and category in the title/ tags. Then anyone who was in the race could piece together a few clips of them racing. There is software to download YouTube videos and edit video into the interesting parts. If several people upload it would give even more options for creating a video even if you had your own camera on the bike. In fact, the best footage of you racing is probably someone else’s camera.

Just throw a disclaimer in the description. Like - Please feel free to use and remix this footage for any noncommercial purposes. With attribution/ attribution not necessary.

Good idea? thoughts?

Edit - I’m think mainly of Crits and shorter races, longer races are probably not practical.

~ Jim

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I’ve used gopro footage of out of town races to preview race courses a few times and I’ll just point out that on many (most?) courses the course races different and the racing plays out differently depending on what class is racing or where you are in the field.

So, just because a guy who podiumed in the P12 race has put up his kick ass video, don’t sell yourself short. The on board video of your mid pack finish in the cat 4 or masters race will still be of great use to others!

100% this. I regularly use videos to recon XC courses.