Pushing a whole training plan forward one day?



If I miss a workout as part of a training plan on a given day, is there a way that I can shift the whole of the remainder of the training plan forward by one day, or do i need to shift each workout idividually?


@rogervanhilst You can only push or pull whole weeks. Individual days need to be done individually.


To not have this capability is a step backwards in functionality. So the suggestion is to move 35 workouts if you miss a ride in the first week of an 8 week plan?


@sbright Why would you change a whole 8 week block because of a 1 day miss? I have rearranged the current week to account for the miss but just got right back into the same daily cadence the next week.


Agreed. No reason we shouldn’t have the ability to push/pull the whole plan by 1 day, week, month or any amount of time we want or need.


either skip the workout or move the workouts one at a time. I have to admit I liked the old way better, where it left the next workout the same, sometimes for months in my case because I would do the workout I wanted instead.


If it’s just one workout, don’t stress about it. Skip it and move on. Life sometimes gets in the way👍


Likewise - bring back the old ways. Or at least don’t break it for people that use TrainerRoad in this fashion.