Quality over Quantity vs. 80/20 (or Chad vs. Matt ;))



The first three are the Seiler workout durations that he studied, of which he found that 8 mins with 2 minutes rest to be most effective. I don’t believe that 108% of FTP was actually specified or even remotely achievable for most people with that little rest.

40/20s are pretty standard and you can do them at a variety of different intensities depending on what you are after.

Depends on what you are after in terms of adaptation. Here are a few names to get you started, and make sure to check out the +1 through +6 variants.


  • Mount Deborah
  • Sierra


  • Baird
  • Nunburnholme
  • Denali


  • Abbot
  • Bashful

You can use the workout filters to get pretty much anything that suits your needs.


I’ve created my own sessions using the workout creator but have started with 3 x 8 instead of 4 x 8. Seiler recommends getting the cyclist to work out the intensity so I didn’t use Erg mode. Went far too hard on the first interval, reduced the power on the second and suffered on the third. I think 107% ftp will be a happy medium for me.


I forgot to add that the 2 min rest intervals were too short for me. I’m going to try the session again this week with erg and then adjust to 3 mins if I find it too hard again.


And straight from Seiler (FWIW) don’t hesitate to adjust to 3min. According to him, ppl pull there hair out about insignificant time differences in the rest interval. For those types of intervals 2 mins and 3 mins are essentially the same. The seemingly magic 2 mins comes from his study of ppl who self-selected their recovery time from one work bout to the next.

Granted, don’t rest for 5 or 10. But you want to actually be ready for the next one

(Source: ultra running podcast)


@tshortt @lebowskii98 tried 4*8 min today with 2 min rest @ 108% ftp.
That was a hard session! Really hard.
Like you said, will probably adjust to 3 min rest next time. Will have to see if that’s enough.