Quarq DZero vs Anything Else (but probably Stages L/R)



It’s not the DFour. Trek Project One specs the DZero Carbon cranks as a no cost replacement to Dura Ace crankset.


Personally, I would buy the complete and get the no cost replacement for the Dura Ace. The Quarq is a great unit.


When you buy the high end complete bikes you pay more for the components. So in one of the oddities of bike purchasing, I can get the complete bike from Trek with Bontrager components and Quarq PM for about the same price as building up a bike from the frame. An advantage of going complete is that the bike will work as it was designed to and have warranty from a single place. Choosing each component I can save around a pound in bike weight and customize everything to what I want, including PM. Price isn’t a deciding factor in this case though and I could still choose a Quarq on the frame build option.


Steep and cheap has Pioneer Gen 2(ant+) customer supplied cranks DUAL LEG POWER METER for 479$


I have a Quarq Dzero on my gravel bike and I pound on it, riding in -10 to +100 weather, lotsa water, mud, snow, etc and it hasn’t missed a beat.


Yeah I was just vouching for Quarq power meters in general :+1:t2:


Got it, thanks for the input. Quarqs seem unanimously thumbs up here, which is what I wanted to find out.


+1 for the P2M, I just jump on the bike a ride and its almost instant. just beware that the Aussie retailer is hard work, I had to email Germany to get a response, and a mate had to get Germany to lean on him to get a refund on an order he could deliver.

I also have the following PM’s in the stable.
Quarq the original- when it worked… it was amazing, but it didn’t like cold wet mornings. though did give me some impressive figures :wink:
Pioneer gem 2 RHS only - while I like the fact I just jump on and ride, and I get solid preditible power readings, I have noticed a bit of lag, which I put down to having to double the power reading on the single side. once I have some more disposable cash I might buy a the LHS side to match :wink:
Power tap sl+ hub laced on to EA90s (cadel’s old training wheels) - it never missed a beat, bit I like the ability to run lighter wheel sets now. so it got relegated to the CX beater.


I have had my fair share, Stages, Powertap wheel and Quarq DZero. I like the Quarq DZero and I would buy it again and highly recommend it.