Question from a Zwifter: Isn't Trainerroad boring compared to other platforms that add more gamification?


I created a playlist of race videos found on Youtube from rider’s gopro camera’s, etc. There’s a LOT out there. Then I play it on my tv while I train on TR. Great distraction, motivator, and not a bad way to learn some race tactics, epecially Cat 1/2/3 races


I actually prefer watching whatever I choose when I train w/TR. Watching a bunch of Netflix and Amazon Prime videos. Good way to have 2-3 hours of training without total boredom.


I like data, TrainerRoad is excellent for serious training. Training on Zwift isn’t as impactful for me and I’ve even more jaded when I heard people were stealing IP from TrainerRoad and uploading it to Zwift. I don’t care how may courses Zwift adds, they all get boring after one go. That said, the races on Zwift are next level, that’s the only reason I still give them my money, but I never use the platform for rides or training, only racing.


Agree with this, and TBH, smart trainers over inflate power output along with people grossly understating their weight. I don’t care though, I don’t do the races to win, that’s what outdoor races are for, but I can’t argue that the Zwift races are hard, for me, so I don’t care if others find value in cheating to win. It’s all about the workout indoors, to win real races outdoors.


For me Zwift and TR kinda make a more complete package. I use both simultaneously on a laptop.
I wish TR had more live data displayed for entertainment, like:

  • current w/kg
  • current speed
  • current distance
  • current TSS
  • Total TSS so far vs TSS planned this week, %
  • current HR versus HR from previous attempt of the same workout, if any
  • perhaps some comparison data with people of the same age who did same workout

All of it would help me to go harder and longer, or know when performance starts degrading, etc.


I have been on TR for 4-5 years. I have also tried Sufferfest and Zwift in that time. I am level 18 on Zwift but have cancelled my membership. I liked challenging myself on some of the routes - Alpe de Zwift being one. I liked the group workouts and it is amazing how everyone can do a workout together but all be at different FTPs. I liked the group social rides but never got into the races. The Zwiff workout creator is much superior to the TR one.

I bought a lot of SF videos and then started using the app. I tend to just use the yoga sessions now. However I do Tour Of Sufferlandia every year and I think it is fantastic. A really great community feel. I liked the 8 days of California that TR used to do. I am hoping that the Disaster Day is the start of other group events in Zwift.

I have just bought a years sub to Fulgaz and I will do some of their rides and I will also run the video in the background whilst doing TR workouts.

I have a coach but I put all the sessions into TR and run them through that. I am liking the calender a lot. So after Feb 2019 I will just be using TR and Fulgaz.

I would like to see more group things in TR. Maybe specific workouts done en-masse or a mash-up of selected workouts


That’s a very great combo. Love it. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



I don’t have any friends on Zwift so I don’t have a compelling reason to pay for it.

I have Road Grand Tours and VirtuGo accounts but I don’t bother to load them up while on TR because I tend to close my eyes while I am suffering through hard intervals. Loud music and concentration.

If I want to enjoy a ride, I go outside. If I want to enjoy my next season, I suffer through a prescribed Trainerroad plan.


Tried both of them briefly and Fulgaz blows the socks of them.


Agree with this but it’s basically unnecessary for TR as they have so much workout variety and good plans.

I really liked the Zwift display for planned workouts as well. Unfortunately the plans on there are too basic.


I tend to do the coaches sessions which are sometimes provided via TP and then imported into TR Workout Creator or into Zwift sometimes using their Workout Creator. I could not imagine creating my own session for TR when you will be able to find one quite easily that does what you want.


But they are free…


They are free right now, as they are in beta stage development. I expect that both will move to a paid monthly service when the are finally “released”.


+1 (That’s how it works nowadays: Develop/test with real users “for free”; when quality and and/or user base is good/big enough, charge.)


That’s why I jumped on them even though I am not a fan. There are still people with Zwift free from beta.

I will say my wife uses the free training plan on virtugo because she is sporadic at best, and my son uses road grand tours to screw around once and a while (he is 7, I am not paying for him)


Amazon Fire stick in the back of a TV and Bluetooth earphones sorted that out for me


I think you get free kids on Zwift if you are a subscriber. Up to 14yrs old I am sure.

I am on both VGO and RGT but whilst nice to look at they are a bit boring without other riders around.


I think indoor riding is boring , hence I use Trainerroad and at least get a great workout


Since you mentioned kids, Zwift offers free accounts for kids up to 12 yo, with a paid account.

There are youth cycling groups and rides on there too.


I see them as two completely different approaches. Going out and riding on the road without a plan or mindlessly exploring is more akin to Zwift. Sort of a “go out and see what happens” type of ride. Which don’t get me wrong, is mentally refreshing at times.

With TrainerRoad, it’s not so much the individual workout that is great, but the overall training plan that works for me. I can get my mindless junk miles outside any time for a mental break.

Just my $0.02