Question from a Zwifter: Isn't Trainerroad boring compared to other platforms that add more gamification?


Junk miles are important too. :wink:


Oh absolutely important, I’m just too weak mentally to get them indoors :joy:


You spelled it wrong. JUNK FOOD, is important too :wink:


:joy: Me too.

My personal limit is 1:45 to 2:00 hours. On rare occasions (AKA extreme good day) I can do 3:00 hours, but after that I’m mentally really cooked. It has nothing to do with intensity, but with “not moving”, the less efficient cooling, the bad air (accumulation of CO2).



I recently joined TrainerRoad.

I was on Zwift for over 2 years. Overall I enjoyed it. But I use virtual power and sometime their power readings would seem weird.

Too easy to trundle around on Zwift and not get enough intesnsity. I used to race a lot on Zwift and whilst it was mostly fun, the races manily consisted of a very fast start and once in the lead peloton you could pretty much stay there for 30 minutes or more until the last 2 or 3 miles and then a sprint finish.

It became too predictable.

Their new courses Innsbruck and New York are a bit boring. Also often two or three different racing categories would all start the same. So if you were in a B Cat race, you would often go out too hard because A Cat riders were going off.

As I now concentrate more on Time Trials, I wanted something far more structured than would allow me to reach good power numbers for next spring and summer. Current FTP is 301 and w/KG is 3.67

Hope to be over 4 w/kg by the time the TT season comes around in about 4 or 5 months time. I don’t think Zwift would get me to this.

I also like that the training is varied (sweet spot base mid volume) and the calendar is very useful.



I think choose what works for you… but be honest with yourself … are you seeing improvements (if thats the goal)… personally i struggle with the Watt numbers from Zwift… just odd… and soooo many people weight doping i found it annoying… as well as you can be working your booty off and someone sails past you at 100W and 40kmh because they are in a recovery section of a structured workout… thats not motivating to me… but each to their own… I did CLARK (90 mins) for the first time today in SSBLV2 and what i really found useful was the pedal focus & prompts from Coach Chad in last 1/3rd … made a huge difference to my focus and motivation… im already seeing improvements in personal perf. and on my club rides as many folks reduce volume and effort over winter, i can see mine in the calendar and know im holding good TSS and to the plan… im just a mid 50’s Mr Avg W/kg guy doing a variety of disciplines for fun and health, but really do find TR to offer an all round experience not provided by other platforms… so cheers :wink:


For me, when I’m training, I’m training. I don’t have a need to be entertained or distracted. Yes there’s #musicdoping but if anything it makes me more focused on what I’m doing (“Slipknot has just come on KILLKILLKILL!!!”)

I see Zwift as being built to satisfy a user base who want an indoor training platform that motivates them to get on the bike and do a session. And that’s absolutely important, and I would recommend it to people who hate the trainer.

The reason I went for TrainerRoad when considering a training platform was partly that I have a really instinctual drive towards simplicity - I like things to be basic, no frills but great. But mainly, it was the peripheral content - the podcasts and the community. TR seems to be solely geared towards using science to make us stronger and faster, and they have really educated me about physiology, nutrition etc…