Question from a Zwifter: Isn't Trainerroad boring compared to other platforms that add more gamification?


Junk miles are important too. :wink:


Oh absolutely important, I’m just too weak mentally to get them indoors :joy:


You spelled it wrong. JUNK FOOD, is important too :wink:


:joy: Me too.

My personal limit is 1:45 to 2:00 hours. On rare occasions (AKA extreme good day) I can do 3:00 hours, but after that I’m mentally really cooked. It has nothing to do with intensity, but with “not moving”, the less efficient cooling, the bad air (accumulation of CO2).



I recently joined TrainerRoad.

I was on Zwift for over 2 years. Overall I enjoyed it. But I use virtual power and sometime their power readings would seem weird.

Too easy to trundle around on Zwift and not get enough intesnsity. I used to race a lot on Zwift and whilst it was mostly fun, the races manily consisted of a very fast start and once in the lead peloton you could pretty much stay there for 30 minutes or more until the last 2 or 3 miles and then a sprint finish.

It became too predictable.

Their new courses Innsbruck and New York are a bit boring. Also often two or three different racing categories would all start the same. So if you were in a B Cat race, you would often go out too hard because A Cat riders were going off.

As I now concentrate more on Time Trials, I wanted something far more structured than would allow me to reach good power numbers for next spring and summer. Current FTP is 301 and w/KG is 3.67

Hope to be over 4 w/kg by the time the TT season comes around in about 4 or 5 months time. I don’t think Zwift would get me to this.

I also like that the training is varied (sweet spot base mid volume) and the calendar is very useful.



I think choose what works for you… but be honest with yourself … are you seeing improvements (if thats the goal)… personally i struggle with the Watt numbers from Zwift… just odd… and soooo many people weight doping i found it annoying… as well as you can be working your booty off and someone sails past you at 100W and 40kmh because they are in a recovery section of a structured workout… thats not motivating to me… but each to their own… I did CLARK (90 mins) for the first time today in SSBLV2 and what i really found useful was the pedal focus & prompts from Coach Chad in last 1/3rd … made a huge difference to my focus and motivation… im already seeing improvements in personal perf. and on my club rides as many folks reduce volume and effort over winter, i can see mine in the calendar and know im holding good TSS and to the plan… im just a mid 50’s Mr Avg W/kg guy doing a variety of disciplines for fun and health, but really do find TR to offer an all round experience not provided by other platforms… so cheers :wink:


For me, when I’m training, I’m training. I don’t have a need to be entertained or distracted. Yes there’s #musicdoping but if anything it makes me more focused on what I’m doing (“Slipknot has just come on KILLKILLKILL!!!”)

I see Zwift as being built to satisfy a user base who want an indoor training platform that motivates them to get on the bike and do a session. And that’s absolutely important, and I would recommend it to people who hate the trainer.

The reason I went for TrainerRoad when considering a training platform was partly that I have a really instinctual drive towards simplicity - I like things to be basic, no frills but great. But mainly, it was the peripheral content - the podcasts and the community. TR seems to be solely geared towards using science to make us stronger and faster, and they have really educated me about physiology, nutrition etc…


RGT will never make it commercially. Too boring.
Virtuoso is much better and has a chance.

FulGaz remains my favourite and works with TR. Quite cheap as well.


I like zwift, I usually just do my TR workout on zwift,


I like zwift on weekends for the ability to ride or race with friends and use team chat and it makes longer rides more interesting. During the week it’s all TR and no zwift for recovery rides cuz I can’t keep from chasing people down and passing them :laughing:


as pointed out in a different thread, I really started liking Rouvy. Always found Zwift boring, cartoon world. No emotions for me. On Rouvy riding real mountain passes I know from my summer vacation is a different story. Especially in combination with workouts, for example doing over-unders up an Italian pass later in a workout.

In a perfect world I would like to see a blend of TR and Rouvy. Doing structured workouts (not necessarily in Erg mode, I don’t use Erg) on virtual routes I know from real world is a game changer for me. I don’t use TR plans or the calender, just liked the controller of my trainer. However, the way I see TR moving I will probably stay with Rouvy and not extend with TR. But I still have almost a year left on my subscription.

In the end we all get motivated differently, app/platform market is getting diverse enough to please (almost) everyone.


I also use blue tooth ear buds. Never outside but on the trainer. Works well.




It’s XC mountain bike…

And this schmuck:
(Cat 2)


Bluetooth wireless earbud phones and Metallica Essentials on spotify… sorted :wink: