Quick peek at my calendar please! Chad, Jonathan, Nate?



I’m going Race the 24 HOP (hope to see you there and , I plan on bringing you some local Missoula crafted Cold Smoke Micro brew )is that a bribe? but was wondering if you could take a quick peek at my plan leading into 24 Hop. I’m on a 4 man team(USMES). I’m in SSBHiVolI, then transition into SPB Hi Vol…and attempted taper the week going into 24 HOP. I will be driving on the days you see blank that week, from Missoula to Tucson. I’ll have a omnium trainer with me to spin at night on my way down to keep the legs from bloating out!

Just wanted a quick …yep looks good or…hmmm have you thought of this?

I’m just off a good solid hi vol year and Cx season that went well. My first week of SSB was not so good as I was pulled in a few directions but the second week felt very good at that volume. And it’s in line hour wise with what I had done volume wise during the year weekly 9-12 hours avg. some more, some less.

Thanks guys!
Patrick Hover


I know I’m not one of those three but I took a look at your plan and it does look good. The only thing I would change is maybe do Dade on the 11th and Fletcher on the 12th before hitting the road to go to 24 HOP.


Thank you Ian, I’m new here so I only know Pete and the 3 from the podcasts! Thanks for the tip , I’ll take a look at those.



No problem at all! :slight_smile:

Happy Training!