Ramp Test "Blind"



Has anyone done a Ramp Test “Blind” i.e. covering up your screen, so you don’t know how far in to the test you are? The last couple of Ramp Test’s I’ve done, I feel like I get a mental block when I get to the 19:15 - 19:30 mark and just stop pedaling, as that’s where I’ve got to before.

I’m thinking if I cover the screen up I might get a more natural failure point, as I’m not reaching for, or being held back by a specific time goal. This obviously will only work in ERG mode.


I did my second test at the beginning of this week and whilst not completely blind I did try not to look at the TR screen. (I run Zwift on a different computer simultaneously for mental stimulation). In my opinion I think it could help by taking away any mental blocks/expectations as mentioned but I think having the info could motivate others to push past their previous efforts. Ultimately do what works for you.


Good idea, I am always having issue the same issue.


I almost close the PC screen so I can’t see it. I watch a TV instead and just suffer until the legs stop moving. Usually the last two ramp steps are a PITA and my mind switches from the TV to my form or just trying to keep the pedals moving but the TV noise helps somehow.


I’m going to try it in my next test, maybe just for the last 5 mins or so and put on some Rage against the machine or something, to help eek out those last few seconds. It’ll be funny if i just end up with the same FTP though.


Guessing you all are on smart trainers in erg mode? On my dumb trainer if I’m not watching at least the watts display I’m going to have a hard time holding target power - even through the earlier steps.


Yes, definitely Erg only.


After a sub-par first ramp test i had a feeling that it was detrimental for me to see the power and heart rate numbers on my phone. I tested a few weeks later and flipped my phone over for the last 3/4 minutes and just pedaled for as long as i could hold it. The results were much better and i do think that being “blind” for the last few minutes when it really starts to hurt can be beneficial for some and removes the mental limitations that you might put on yourself.


I though i’d give everyone who’s interested an update on this. I did a Ramp Test last night and covered my phone screen as soon as i reached threshold. I just used a piece of card with some blutac on it, but i cut out a little square so all i could see was my cadence. I’d say it worked perfectly. I just kept peddling until i couldn’t pedal any more. So feel like i got a much truer result, not effected by time. FTP up 7 watts to 271.


You may be interested to know that 19:30 is the point in the test when you match your existing FTP.



In my experience on the iPhone app, I’ve been able to switch to another app, ie Pandora, while the Ramp Test continues to run in the background.


This sort of topic always reminds me how much I would like the option to ‘switch off’ specific metrics (from the display) as I am riding.


Agreed. But until that time, we get to be “creative” and use sticky notes :stuck_out_tongue: