Ramp test calculation: what percentage of max 1min power is FTP?



Can someone please remind me: what is the percentage used in the calculation of FTP from the max 1min power from the ramp test?



Hey there!

The calculation for the Ramp test takes approximately 75% of your max one minute power, however, your result may differ slightly depending on how well you adhere to the power target. The closer you stay to the target power, the better your FTP result will be :slight_smile:

Botched Ramp test I think

Thanks, this is the basic info I need. I’m helping out a friend whose computer froze at the end of his workout. He had it also recorded on his head unit, so we can back out a number that’s good enough for now. He submitted a ticket, so maybe the actual number can be calculated correctly, but this will be good enough for right now, so he doesn’t feel like he lost the work. :slight_smile:


Oh, no! Some kind of technical failure is one of the most frustrating ways for a workout to be disrupted - especially an FTP test! :sob:

I’m sorry to hear your friend’s computer froze at the end of his workout, but I am glad we still have data to work with, and I’m definitely glad he reached out to our Support Team! We’ll make sure he gets taken care of.

Thanks for posting, @dhellman.


Thanks a bunch

Thanks a bunch
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Exactly the same thing happened to me this evening - not my Mac that froze - the TR app wouldn’t let me finish the ramp test - I’ve raised a support ticket to see if they can recover it. It’s very frustrating - I know resources are focused on the new features like calendar but I seem to be having more “basic” issues recently than I’ve had in my previous years using TR.


Oh, that’s a huge bummer. For my friend, the support team was able to retrieve his data. Maybe they can do the same for you? BTW, their calculation was 1W lower than mine. :slight_smile:


Hi Bryce, I’m manually calculating the FTP because the spin bike (keiser m3) at the gym doesn’t broadcast data to the app but it has a display for rpm and power.

I have just completed the ramp test and failed at 40:10 at 172. The previous interval was 168.

Is my FTP = 75% * (172 * 1/6 + 168 * 5/6) because i rode at 172 for last 10 seconds and 168 for the last 50 seconds?


I think it is 75% of your last full minute. Not 100% sure.


Yep, as long as you followed the full Ramp Testing procedure, that’s your FTP :slight_smile: