Ramp Test Tips & Tricks



How did it go?


Doing it after work. I’ll update with results! :thumbsup:


same here…ramp test tonight!


Did my first test tonight since I upgraded my trainer, very small improvement but I think that’s more to do with the accuracy of this trainer compared to the previous.

One thing though, it’s a tack flux S, it really struggled to hold the power in erg mode, I constantly had to change gear. I even double checked during the test that I was ERG mode and not resistance. Not sure if I should retest again and see if it works any better.


I don’t have experience with the Flux models. I do know there are some known issues, but in general, you should not have to shift often for ERG.

Maybe once to deal with the wattage floor and ceiling, but otherwise, ERG should do the work.


I expected to be in the small front ring for the warm up and then first few mins of ramps, then switch to big ring after about 200 watts for the rest, but I found myself having to change gears every 2 mins, really not how it should have went.

I normally use TR on iPad, but I was using the phone tonight, and running zwift of iPad with no controllable power connected. It should have effected it but maybe something went wrong with it?


I think I cheated my last ramp test. I changed from an unsupported trainer to a KK which reads higher power for similar effort. 22 minutes in to my ramp, I put my head down and said I’m doing the strongest minute I can sustain. FTP went up by 22% (again, mostly due to trainer change). Gonna be interesting to see how SSBI-LV goes, but I did complete the first workout with a reasonable effort.


Okay, so I completed my ramp test, blind. Turned the computer around, but listened for the beeps over my amped up techno music. It was perhaps the best feeling ramp test I’ve done. My effort was measured, and I thought it took me a long time to pop.

That said, I’m disappointed with the results. My ftp lowered by 3% I popped just under the 20 minute mark.

I’m chalking this up to being sick and not training enough over the past month. I’m entering another build phase before my first RR of the season. I’ll ramp test again in 4 weeks before I start a short specialty phase leading into the race. I will only do ramp test blind from now on. I pushed much longer than I thought I could.


Good deal. Bummer to get the lower result, but it seems very logical considering your recent training history.

Have good start to the new plan and listen to your body. I had a similar start to my SSB1, and increases my ftp 3 watts after having several successful workouts leading into the final loading week. So, just be open to adjusting up if you get gains sooner than the next Ramp test.


Totally the plan! Back to SSB II, going into Rolling RR Specialty before my A race in April.

Success rises from failure.

I can usually tell when my ftp is set too low, when I’m pushing out 15-20 watts higher than the prescribed power in rest periods between intervals. I’m faced with either lowering the cadence (which doesn’t really help spin out my legs between intervals), or pushing on at the higher watts.

Definitely +1 for blind Ramp testing. It took a major element out of the mental game for me.


Guys what happens in the ramp test if I am in erg mode and get to the end/ breaking point and say the last 10-20 seconds of my effort the power starts to drop? ( even in erg power doesn’t stay perfectly at the prescribed intensity) it can easily drop 20-30watts before I have to totally give up.
Does that drop off in the last minute effect my FTP score?
Should I just quickly cut it off as soon as I feel the drop starting?


Silly question maybe…
I’m thinking it would be wrong to raise your FTP prior to the test so that you had fewer ramps.
But then on the flip side people with higher FTP go through less steps always?


Doesn’t effect your score as it just uses your highest 1 minute power.


I believe the number of steps is consistent as long as you do the same time in the test.

A rider with a 200 ftp will do the same time and number of steps as a 400 ftp rider if they both finish with no change in their ftp.

If you raised your FTP manually before the test your starting power would be higher and the jumps between steps would be bigger. Your failure point would probably be much earlier and may skew the result. Interesting idea but I wouldn’t advise it.


Hi Shoco,

Interested to read this. I was going to post last night how I’m finding myself needing to shift gears when in ERG mode on my Flux S.

Previously I was on a Kickr Snap and would quite happily leave it on one gear apart from during the cool down.

The Flux is definitely behaving differently. Perhaps, as @mcneese.chad suggests, it is down to wattage ceilings. :thinking:


There have been some issue with it alright, but the wattage ceiling shouldn’t be an issue in the small front ring, looking at the flux graph anyway. As i I found out last night in the test, that even when in the small ring I had to change gears often.

When doing a normal workout, I have found some issues with the big ring power being too high, but never the small ring.

Was very disappointed how the trainer performed


@Shoco something definitely off there, I have the original tacx flux and have no issues going through a wide power range when in small ring at the front and middle of the block at the back.

It has a power floor where you have to shift to get below 100-120 watts but I had had no issues getting up to 400-450 watts without changing gear

maybe try an email into support@trainerroad.com so they can look at your ramp test file in greater detail for you?


I think I will try again first and go back to using the Ipad only with no zwift and see how that goes.

As I say the normal workouts are fine in the small ring so I’m hoping this was a one off.


Ahh Ok, I had missed your previous post about running zwift etc. as well


Wish I’ve never known about the 19:30 or 6th ramp thing.
Let the 6th ramp never end for you whoever discovered it :blush: