Read Labels! (SIS in particular)

Not sure it is arguing in good faith to compare a b12 precursor to a synthesized sweetener that doesn’t occur in the natural world?

I think we can all agree in that using processed sugars and additives like electrolytes, we are dancing with a certain devil we know already.

Anyway, @redlude97 since it’s your actual job to do research on sugar and insulin (cool!), what do you use for fueling on rides?

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Lol hereeee we go again.

My statement was simply giving props to Osmo for creating a popular and effective product that accomplishes the same thing as other manufacturers without using the artificial sweetener Aspartame. I chose the verbiage “more natural” but also included “:man_shrugging:” to suggest that should be taken with a grain of salt.

You are right in that both products are full of unnatural ingredients, but if you really care to know, I have noticed I get headaches when I consume products with aspartame in them so I prefer to avoid aspartame. It’s not scientific, but it is enough for me to draw a line and say one is less artificial or “bad” than the other.

@professore I don’t think anyone in this thread is defending additives. They are defending themselves from what they perceive as fear-mongering (in this case, unintentional). You seem to have a very low threshold for deciding when a particular food is unsafe. Without judging whether your threshold is optimal, we can probably safely assume that for most people (as evidenced by the responses in this thread), adopting your threshold would mean substantial amounts of deleterious stress (i.e. not the good kind) that outweigh the potential benefits. Hence the negative reactions to your position. Basically, compared to all the other things we risk on a daily basis, aspartame is not even a blip on the radar.


I’ve posted my current mix I’m testing out here. Generic / Fake Maurten?

No aspartame because I simply don’t like the taste but had good results with SIS previously. I’ll also just mix maltodextrin at 120g/bottle and consume that for 2-3 hour rides. I don’t sweat out that much salt, and I prefer to eat other real foods with salt in them like nut butters and rice cakes with liquid aminos. I also eat SIS/hammer gels and clif shots and bars. Bananas, kids fruit snacks, cold brew with sugar, tea or lemonade with honey, coke cans from the gas station with potatoe chips etc.


Is honey vegan?

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No. I mention that waaaaaay​:arrow_up::arrow_up: Up there someplace. The vegan comment (which I did not explain well), was about spending about five years exhaustively reading up on food, food sources, nutritional science etc.

But I suppose I’m not vegan because I occasionally use honey on things.

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Y’all forgetting the real killer out there… Dihydrogen monoxide.

Too much of that in you, and that’s it folks…

And I bet y’all got it in your bottles too!


This is a bloody good question

What’s the difference between consuming honey produced by bees vs milk produced by cows? :thinking:

Insects have feelings too :ant::honeybee::mosquito::cricket:

I’ve been using hammer for a while now and am happy with their stuff other than the price. It is expensive. But I don’t have the guilt of putting the other junk cheap stuff into my body. Maybe its psychological, but I feel better when using higher quality products. I especially love Recoverite. I do like SiS gels for certain events as they are simply easier to swallow in the more diluted watery form than a traditional gel. Its hard to swallow thick sticky glue like substance when working at VO2max+ zones. The SiS goes down much easier. But I do think hammer gel is better for the gut.

Hate to break it to you…but recoverite contains both stevia and xylitol…SIS isn’t the only company using artificial sweeteners.

Neither of those are artificial sweeteners. Both are plant based.

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The dubious health concerns between aspartame and stevia are essentially the same.

Are we just assuming now that anything that’s man-made or artificial is automatically worse, and if so, on what basis? That seems to be a lot of the talk here and is just fear mongering nonsense IMO


I like a lot of SIS products but no idea why they need to put artificial sweeteners in the electrolyte drink. The most sickeningly sweet thing I’ve ever tasted. Absolutely vile.

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The ‘natural’ tag is just advertising speak and for some reason it appeals to people. Same goes for the fear-mongering around ‘chemicals’.


I’ve given up on SiS because they’ve proved unable to produce palatable products. I tried using some gels I got at a rowing race recently, I almost threw up, they’re so bad. I’ve been using Maurten recently and the lack of nasty artificial flavours that don’t taste right is such a nice change.

The only flavor I didn’t like was Lemon & Lime personally.

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Is aspartame linked to cancers. Something huge about 10yrs ago
No happy Jan! I won’t use SIS