Really, A Freakin' Game Changer


Train like you plan to race… right??? :stuck_out_tongue:


I point it more toward my chest. Problem solved.




I’ve tried pointing it at just my legs, lower than the nipples, calves only, etc. Still dries them out regardless. Tried a few different eye drop brands and they work ok for a while. Haven’t tried glasses, much as it will gets strange looks from the wife it’s worth a shot. Could bust out the scuba mask :rofl:

Thanks for the help


I use two of these at once! I don’t want a silly thing like cooling slow me down!


Sagan’s solution…


Put it behind you and enjoy the tailwind :slight_smile:


I don’t know what your experience is, but for me how my eyes feel with contacts in is a good leading indicator for hydration. If my eyes feel dry, I need some more water, and possibly electrolytes, soon. So “drink more water” might help.


Agree here. That’s my fan of choice. Only need one right now. May invest in a second during the summer… we’ll see. But this fan has made indoor training tolerable and productive for me, so I think “game changer” is accurate in my particular case. I use the remote outlet control as well, so usually warmup for 10-15min without the fan, then it goes on when the work starts.


Can’t discredit the idea but I will share I do drink 60-80 oz of water prior to riding and add in enough electrolytes to replenish what I lose, or plan to.


As per the original post I agree.

This is the unit available in Canada for $66.99:


Just finishing my 6th week of SB mid 1 and have not been using a fan and really struggled when the workouts were intense and had to bail on one and crank another down to 80%. Could this be down to not having a fan ?


I don’t think I could do any of my workouts (other than aerobic) without a fan. You’re cutting yourself short. Big fan all the time!!


I’ve had one for quite a while based on a discussion on one of the podcasts.

I’m a fan. (Insert groan here :smirk:)


I have not been using a fan. Half way through SSB2. I tried a small fan that is really close to my face and found it annoying, Maybe something like this on the floor will be better.




I think just about everyone would find that very annoying. You need a good fan blowing on/across your body. A small fan will do almost nothing.


Yup, focus on the torso (shoulders to waist) for most air flow.


During the fires in Sonoma County in 2017, I had to buy of couple of these XPOWER X-3500 4-Stage Professional HEPA Air Scrubber to clean out my house of smoke. I now use one of them as a fan when on the trainer. The HEPA filter is great, because I have asthma.


I ended up going Vornado. This was before the headwind was announced. 99 fan levels, for exactly how much air you want. Remote control. Quiet. And shipping to the UK. I wasn’t 100% sure when I ordered, but 1 ride and I couldn’t get rid of my noisy old box fan fast enough.