Really, A Freakin' Game Changer


I dont know how people work out without a fan. I start sweating and then i start thinking about sweating, so i sweat more. Within minutes I’ll have a small lake below me. It’s a vicious cycle. One that can only be topped by me at hot yoga…


Haha. I bought one after trying out @Nate’s at the TR office. It’s amazing.


@Nate has an office? I thought he was only allowed to work in one of two locations: (1) the trainer or (2) the podcast studio. How he has time to actually ‘work’, I don’t know.

(Actually, as a small business owner myself, I do know the answer: you always work, 24/7/365 in some way or some fashion. The TSS of entrepreneurship cannot be underestimated)


Set it up tailwind


That’ll be my next move, thanks. My cycling glasses did a good job last night on McAdie +1 with the fan on medium speed.


I’ll second that as well.


My trainer is in my personal office and the podcast room touches my office…so you’re mostly right! :slight_smile:


My fan came today and it really was a game changer. Those threshold intervals suddenly became doable!!! Thanks much


Thanks for this, I ordered it and it’s great!


Want one!!! Just can’t justify when also want new skinsuit and new cx tyres!!!


Great find - bought one!


I’ve had a large commercial-type pedestal fan for years, somewhere in the 24-30in diameter range. You can adjust height (telescopic pedestal) and angle. It sits right in front of the bike, at chest height - I can turn it on/off when clipped in. Low speed is entirely sufficient, this thing can almost lift the trainer off at full speed… And it takes very little floor space.


Sliced bread is only famous because fewer people have experienced this fan.


I have something similar to that attached to my fan so I can start it at a wisper and slowly bump up the fan speed as I go along. I also have a window next to me that I open up (snowing outside)

I need on of the lasco pro fans for the summer though.


Well, well, well, look what arrived today (grey/black version because it looks better). It just got real …


Thanks for this. Just got this fan. It’s amazing and half the cost of the Lasko.