Recommend me a floor fan (UK)


Hi all

Anyone recommend me a floor fan? I’m in the U.K. oh, and I’m a tight bugger who doesn’t want to pay much, if I don’t need to…

Wahoo Head Wind Vs Lasko Performance

I bought this via Amazon and it does a good job


I’ve got a Prem-I-Air one, also with an 18 inch fan. I’m sure I paid around £40 a few years ago maybe from Ebay.

I think there are a good number to choose from around that price point and I’m sure they’ll all be decent. Mine replaced one with a 12 inch fan and was significantly better.


I’ve got an aircon unit on wheels that I use. Was about £100 in the sales a few years back. Do train in my garage though, the outlet hose slides under part open garage door.

Major benefit of aircon is I don’t drop sweat everywhere.


I’m using a couple of HOneywell fans off Amazon - Were £26.99 each.

They do the job. Still sweat buckets, but I think of it as good heat training for summer :slight_smile:


Pop to Screwfix and pick up a 18-20" Floor Fan.

I have an 18" floorfan and 2 Honeywell HT900E (the small black fans often seen on tripods/zwift setups).

I see users often boast about the Honeywell’s being better than big floor fans because the flow is more focused and they usually end up with about 6 of the things. Absolute tripe. The flow is more focused but the volume of air they shift is pitiful if you run really hot like I do.

They are quiet though and when it’s cooler or the ride is less intense they’re a good substitute for when a floor fan, even on its lowest setting, is overkill.


Used this for the last 4 years still working as it did on day 1 link


+1 for Screwfix floor fan.

If £30 is too much just wait for them to have it on offer.
Worked well for me for the last 2 years.


Must be popular. Can’t find any stock near me!


Hi all. Thanks for the advice. I’ll pay a visit to my local screwfix. Sounds like a plan!


This works fine for me


I recommend getting one with a remote control. My separate remote gives me on/off capability, but it would be better if it controlled the speed of the fan as well.


The only issue I’d see with a floor fan is you can’d adjust anything while on the bike?

If you train in a cold environment you might want to turn it down, especially when in recovery periods. I have a tall version similar to the screwfix one which is in reach so I can grab the fan and alter the speed.

The reason I bought my fan was because of it’s review “This fan is way too powerful, even on the lowest setting”. Yes please I’ll take it! :slight_smile: You can probably get something cheaper, pretty sure I paid nearer to £30.


Not for you perhaps but I have decided to put a few quid away every week or so and buy a Wahoo Headwind for £200. Have seen them and know how powerful they are and someone responded to my question with a very cool review. Notice that - COOL - review

Vastly over-priced but I did think I would treat myself.

I have just calculated today that I have done 23K miles in the last 4 years of which over half are on the turbo and that ratio is much higher now than it was 4 years ago.