Recommendations for Wider Shoes


I am currently using Shimano SH-RP5 shoes. Unfortunately they are a bit to narrow in the front (ball) part of the shoe. 5 to 10 mm more in that area would help big time.

What shoes are you guys using? Any similar issues? If so, how did you fix them? New shoes, shaving material off?

Any advice is appreciated! Thanks guys!

New to tr...want to ride LONG hours, don't care about speed

I own 3 pairs of Shimano shoes. Since my feet are slightly wider (actually only the right one) I bought some in “wide” width.

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Lake wide or ultrawide. I’m currently using the cx218. They are significantly wider than my shimano xc-5s


I have wide feet, too. I have found Specialized shoes to provide a great fit.

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I’m going through this process currently as some of my current shoes make my little toe go numb.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned is that sizing differs a lot, even within the same manufacturer. For example, I have one pair of shimano wide fits that are really comfortable, but when I bought that exact same model in the MTB variant, they were actually a bit narrower.

The best advice I can give is just to try on as many different brands and styles as possible and don’t worry too much about what suits other people since their idea of “wide” could be very different to yours.

Lake and Bont are the only 2 companies that actually care about foot shape, their size charts state a width so that might be worth looking in to. Shimano wide fits in a 47 are approx 10mm wider at the ball than their standard fit.

Companies like Giro and Sidi have their HV and Mega fits, respectively, and these offer more volume in the shoe rather than extra width at the insole. This could be an option if your feet are squashed as a result of a high arch rather than necessarily a wide foot.

Good luck!


Specialized Torch in Wide sizing.

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Bont has a nice and wide forefoot last. Specialized Sworks 7 also has a wide forefoot and there are wide sizes. Specialized exos are the most comfortable shoes i’ve ever used and the forefoot is like a slipper. My princess feet had fit problems with the bont vaypor and the sworks 7. I had to go with the sworks 6 which has a narrower forefoot than the sworks 7. I alternate between the sworks 6 and exos. Shimano lasts aren’t as wide in the forefoot as the newer specialized lasts. Bonts had the widest forefoot i’ve tried and was mostly great. However the moldable yet unforgiving carbon arch support didn’t work with my navicular bone.

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I bought a pair of Shimano S-Phyre wide shoes this season. They are great shoes and fit perfectly. Last season, I rode on a pair of Shimano RC-7 wide shoes in the same size and found them too loose. So I’d recommend the S-Phyres.

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Check out BONT shoes…they make two lasts regular and wide both mtb and road shoes. They also have a custom moldable options if your foot is messed up bad…these not cheap but most comfortable and performing shoes ever had…

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Doesn’t Shimano as well only offer more volume, not more width in the last?

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In my experience, their shoes are actually wider at the footbed, about 10mm in a size 47. I think there is probably some extra volume too, but they are genuinely wider as well, rather than someone like Giro who just add the volume and not the width.

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