Remove any speed/distance data?



Is there any way, or any plans to be able to remove and speed and distance data recording on TR? I find it annoying that TR records distance. I like to track how many miles I’ve done but only in terms of outdoor rides. To avoid this I use TR on my phone put pair my Garmin watch to record power, cadence and HR only. I then upload this to the web.

If TR had an option to do the same it would be great.



I’m interested in this as well.

When Trainerroad syncs my workouts to Strava it shows a distance for the workout which to me doesn’t make sense when doing an ERG mode workout on Trainerroad - time spent is a much better metric for this type of indoor workouts.

Anyone know an easy way to remove distance/speed from workouts done on Trainerroad synced to Strava?


Use this to your advantage. Put your bike in the smallest gear on the trainer so when it syncs it looks like you’ve been going really slow. Your Strava friends will see this and think “Huh, Wiley is looking pretty slow right now.” then when you are next out with them for a ride CRUSH THEM with your surprise power!


It depends on your power device - if you just use a power meter without a speed sensor or smart trainer you can get away with using TR and not recording speed data. However, we use speed data from a speed sensor to estimate power via VirtualPower, and a lot of the smart trainers on the market transmit power and speed in one package. Unfortunately, we don’t currently have a way to exclude those speed/distance readings even though we agree that they don’t make the most sense for indoor training. You could get crazy by editing the GPX file data, or just apply @SpencerStone’s suggestion. :wink:


How strange, I never get any distance data but I guess it’s because I train on a Wattbike. I miss it as now my average speed for the year is around 20km/h as I spend equal time on the trainer and outdoors. I figured the whole time that it was a philosophical choice by TR, not wanting to give people inaccurate measurements of their workouts compared to outdoors.


I’d be keen to have the ability to amend the distance recorded in a TR ride, or to set it at X mph.

For example, 3 hours Z2 this morning recorded 73 miles according to Strava which is 24mph :thinking: at 200w on a pan flat road with no wind and low CDA it’s feasible maybe…

However my average speed for Tempo/Sweetspot/VO2 outdoors is usually 19-20mph at around 750-1000ft/15 miles.

As Strava factors the last 4 (or 6) weeks of ride speed data in to the ‘estimated’ moving time in the route creator, the otherwise previously very accurate estimate is now becoming overly ambitious as I complete more trainer rides.

Something for the TR Dev team to think about perhaps.