Rename Sequential Base Phases, Feature Request



Are you saying you went straight from SSB 1 to short power build?




I also believe better descriptions of the flow are needed.

While I haven’t read all of the responses above, I hope the following hasn’t already been mentioned.
I’d also think a simple wizard (set of dropdowns) could help guide some people to the proper plan:
How may hours a week are you able to train?
What is your current fitness level?
Are you training for an event? What type? How Long? When? etc…


Mentioned several times:


Ha! I should have done some reading! I guess it will just stand as a +1 on that idea.


Another example of confusion on flow:


…and again:


Can’t see the forest for the trees?


Can you expand on what the means in this instance?
It’s rather vague with no context.


Can’t see the forest for the trees?

I meant that TR know their plans too well. They forget what it is like being a newbie who would not intuitively understand the progression of the workout plans from the naming conventions they have adopted, along with the need to piece together the training modules to form a cohesive overall plan.


Thanks for the clarification. I agree that it is easy to forget how confusing this can all be to new eyes.