Replacing Road Shoes – Want Your Opinions


People have said already but the giro empires are great. I’ve used them maybe the last 18k miles and other than getting dirty dont have any issues with the laces or sole.


Factor Techlace are amazing.


S-Phyre is my choice, they’re excellent. I was (still using) S-Works 5, but the S-Phyre has excellent fit and comfort. Will be sticking with these for a long time. Honestly, I do like Shimano shows, I had the 321’s and the model before them as well, for me they seem to have the best fit.


Not sure I like the modern trend for super lightweight shoes that wear out within a year. When you pay upwards of £300 for a top of the line shoe it should last way longer than that.

You may not like the aesthetics of Sidi shoes, but I know so many people that have the same pair for more than 10 years and they still look great.

Having said that, I’m currently rocking Shimano S-Phyre road shoes and love them. Not sure how much of a battering they’d take but they fit my feet very well.



I tried the Giro Factor Techlace. Felt comfortable in the sense that it was well padded in the right places and allowed plenty of adjustment. It felt relatively narrow in the toe box though (which is obviously good or bad depending on your feet!) and I felt the heel cup was a little loose for me.

Currently using an older generation Shimano RP9 that I find quite comfortable. Just enough padding and slightly looser in the toe box (I still wouldn’t say it’s anywhere near a wide fit) but nice and snug through the foot. The newer generation of these have dials so offer plenty of adjustability.

Agree that decent foot support in the shoe is a must, without that pretty much any shoe can be uncomfortable no matter how well it fits in other respects.


No one has mentioned Lake shoes yet. Super comfortable, come in lots of different fits and sizes and lots of bike fitters love them. IMO they look pretty cool too!


+1 on bonts - love them and would recommend to anyone


another vote for Lake here - also recommended by my bike fitter (I’ve forgotten the exact reason behind his recommendation) but I’ve been really impressed with them


Every Fizik shoe that I have bought [and sold] have had too high an arch for comfort. Where I live, not many opportunities to try and buy.

Now use only Giro in 43.5.


Don’t you find that the toes get scuffed easily?


Superb. Love them.

I also tend to tighten my shoes often during a ride. Got the Empire laced ones, and I used to feel like doing it, but have gotten over it in a month or so.

I usually see other wanting to loosen during a ride. I always seem to need to tighten?


I haven’t worn them enough yet without shoe covers but I think they’ll be prone to wear around the toe box as there isn’t any protection there.



So many good posts in here! Thank you!

The reason for my replacing shoes every year is due to stretch in the upper. Last year I didn’t replace my S-Works 6 road shoes, and the fit has been sub-par all year, if I’m honest. I know the S-Works 7 reduced the stretch of the upper, so that’s good to see.

I decided to go with the Giro Factor Techlace in white, because one’s shoes must match one’s helmet :wink:

I strayed from the Fizik due to the fear of a lack of adjustment potential (no separate forefoot adjustment) and for the fear of premature scuffing of the upper.

Should be here by end of week. I’ll let you know how they perform.

If I don’t like them, I think I’ll try either the Bont Vaypor S or the Suplest Pro Road.


Good luck with them. They seem to be the best of both worlds; laces vs adjustability.


I will be interested to hear if the single BOA plus lace gives you the in-ride adjustment flexibility of the dual BOA shoes. Since moving off SiDis and Giros to the S-Works 7s, in addition to the boot itself, these have been a game changer in foot/shoe fit.

I think it would be interesting to hear the experience from others, as well, who have moved from dual BOA shoe designs to laces.