Resistance mode change



I am requesting that in resistance mode where you change the % of resistance instead on a slide bar allow direct number input. ie type in 37% instead of trying to slide to a number. Could be just me but I can never make precise adjustments.


I agree with you on this one! I use an “Air Mouse” and finessing the slider is nearly impossible. Would rather type it in.


I agree. Maybe on the TR app, the volume buttons could be used to control the resistance when the trainer is in resistance mode?


I’ve only used resistance mode on one occasion, but I’m a little unsure on how the percentage slide works? What does each percentage increase equate to in terms of watts or resistance? I’m using a Tacx Neo


It’s effectively a percentage of the trainees total resistance. Depending on your FTP something around 15-35% is probably a good start.


FYI, you can use the left/right arrow keys on the keyboard to make adjustments in increments of 1%.