Rest Day Ride workout creator



Anyone else doing this? I created a 1 sec Zero TSS ride with the Custom Workout Creator so I can schedule this Rest & Recovery ride without having to go through the other activity menu. Then I just fire up my phone app and start workout and it is recorded in the calendar.


Hmm, novel idea! When I take a rest day I just leave that date in the calendar blank, it makes it really easy for me to see when I took a day off of riding from a glance.


Depending on how intense that 1 second is I’m not sure you can call it rest or recovery.


I don’t get it :flushed:


Me neither.


How about using “Add an annotation” feature in calendar? You can even color-code these recovery days.


I do use the annotation function but you can’t currently copy it and was look for a fast way to actively schedule my rest days. Blank days on the calendar don’t really resonant with me as planned rest day. Scheduling it reinforces and reminds me to treat the rest & recovery day as part of structured training. YMMV. :smiley: