Restore Old Training Plan Functionality!



I love the new calendar


Not sure how you can’t open a workout variant. When I open the planned workout, there’s a line in the workout in the app that says: Workout variants and allows me to select the -/+ versions of the workout. I am using the app for android. Makes it pretty easy for me since I can’t always fit in the >60 minute workouts on weekdays. My only issue is the super manual method of adding swim and run workouts, but that functionality wasn’t even in the old version since I don’t actually follow the triathlon plan but follow an offroad specific plan.


I just want #5 to work at this point. :rage: Let’s just do some very basic block & tackling. If I do a workout, figure out how to get it on the TR website and push it out to Strava. My expectations are pretty low right now…so even if everything was in fuschia comic sans font I’d probably still celebrate if my workout showed up on the TR website after I completed it…without me doing anything special…within two hours or less…just, bang, on the website.


I’m pretty sure Nate said that they were planning on reintroducing the card style trading plans for those that want it. I’ll see if I can find it.

I have to say that this whole calendar roll-out has been poorly handled in my opinion. In this modern day of Web technologies it is really expected that your product is platform agnostic. All features should be available on all platforms at the same time. Don’t release until its ready.


It’s a hassle.
You log into a mobile website, and the controls aren’t easy. You can copy a workout and move the copied workout around. Trying to move a week is a root canal. It’s definitely doable but the hurdles are big enough to find other solutions. Whereas, before I logged in, and all the workouts from the plan are there and I can do them when I wanted to.


I’m loving the new calendar. I’m finding it super easy to set my plan and then adjust for other time commitments, travel, planned races, outdoor rides, etc. Just this week I went in and planned speciality, build and base starting from my big event next year and working backwards. Then I was able to adjust for known commitments, other cycling rides/events, and travel dates, etc. All super easy.


Personally, I’m a fan of the new calendar, especially the more I use it and learn about it. Is it perfect? No. There are features I wish were implemented, but I can say the same thing about TP, Zwift, Strava or any of the other services I use. Point is TR are off to a great start and have shown a commitment to implementing feedback into future iterations. That said, are there video tutorials of the Calendar? I believe there are actually solutions / workarounds available for some of the points being raised and a visual how-to guide might help to address some of that. @Ian?


Nate, Chad, and Jonathan did a live walkthrough/screen share that shows you how to use Calendar. This can be found here:

We also have this blog post that walks you through how to perform different tasks within calendar:

Hope this helps!


There’s definitely been both good and bad to the new calendar feature, although for me the good has overwhelmed the bad. For me, if there could be a toggle to default missing a day = skip the workout and jump to the next day vs missing a day = push everything in your calendar back a day, that would be ideal.

I’m in the same boat that if I miss a day, I’ll either try and make it up the next day and push everything back a day, or I’ll try and make it up later in the week. Would be nice not having to rework the entire week if you miss one day.


I really like the new calendar. Is it perfect? No, but it’s a much better tool to plan your training. I primarily use web to plan & review but use iPad for the workouts.

It’s a great tool that is another example of TrainerRoad working towards making you a faster cyclist.


I did send in a support ticket because as a triathlete I still can’t see the text in full for the swim and run workouts. The point that some of us are making is that the “mobile” part of TR is not so “mobile-friendly” right now - at least for the triathlete plans.


TR rolled out web first, and mobile/desktop is playing catch-up. However it seems I can do all the web stuff on my iPhone’s browser, like move a workout to another date. So it’s inconvenient at the moment, but not a show stopper if you don’t have a laptop or desktop computer. W


You’re totally right about this. The triathlete side of this implementation is worse than it was before. For an internet company that self-reportedly prioritizes its resources on mobile to force you back to a computer is silly.

However, it seems to me that the calendar is a stop along the way for them to be a fuller fledged training and analysis type of company. I doubt the calendar was solely implemented for athletes ease of use. I believe there are components of the calendar that allow TR to further grow the company. It’s just a stop along the way. Unfortunately triathletes are not identified as a core customer.


Not sure if anyone has said this but here goes. It seams as though most of the frustrations are around actually following a structured training plan which the calendar functionality is bringing to the fore, highlighting the lack of structure in the way in which most of us approach our training.

Whilst I appreciate that having work, family and other pressures cause us to miss or move our plans around I think it also shows us why we might be missing some of the goals we set ourselves. Even with the old card based system it was still clear that @chad had designed the plans to be completed in a structured time bound manor.

The calendar is helping me choose plans that I am confident I can schedule and complete as they were designed to be and as a result I am seeing gains the I might have missed in the past.

Keep up the great work @Nate, @chad, @Jonathan and the team.


Yes, in an ideal world, but unfortunately it isn’t and following a strict schedule is totally impossible to many users.


I appreciate everyone is different but love the new calender function, massive improvement for me. Yes changes need to be made on the web…but I still do this on my phone via web browser. I prefer having scheduled dates since makes me more likely to train, and if I miss session then can quickly and easily move the workout to rearranged dat.


I appreciate we can’t all follow a strict schedule, I have a 5minth old and a 4 1/2 year old but my approach is to accept that some of my workouts might get missed as opposed to ensuring I do all workouts with varying gaps between them. I then gain whatever fitness I gain at the end of the next 6 week block. After all we can’t move the races / events we are aiming for.


There are things I like and don’t like about the calendar but overall I much prefer it to previously. I use web, iPad and Android to access TR.
I’m confident all of these things will be ironed out soon as they listen to their customers and use it all themselves.

I will stick with TR because

  1. it is fantastic structured training&is great value for money

  2. the guys are clearly passionate about everything, wanting to continually improve and make the best product out there. Basically their why fits with their how&what and that sells it for me.


Your approach is N=1 though. I prefer to do all of the prescribed workouts, at my leisure, rather than missing any. Some of us don’t have specific races or events, just a desire to improve. :slightly_smiling_face:


So my feedback on the new calendar is that it’s great.
I don’t race, really just a ‘sunny Sunday’ rider. But love to keep fit and be able to stay with the pace on those sunny days outside.
The calendar has enabled me to move away from the mindset of doing a ‘list of workouts’, and move to a plan, which I can easily adapt to my life and fitness goals. Better results, less mental anguish about ‘missing’ workouts.
Slowly persuaded my wife (also a TR user) to use the calendar as intended. She also just wanted to completed the list of workouts in a TR plan, and got stressed when work/sickness/fatigue/other events or just 'life’, caused her to miss a workout.
Now loves the calendar, pushing weeks, duplicating weeks to fill up to Christmas…
I would go as far as to say it is enabling her to be less stressed about training and enjoy her workouts more.
Calendar functionality is a powerful training enabler, shows accomplishments and progress, reduces the mental stress of fitting in workouts and makes just makes training more enjoyable.
Keep up the good work.
(And no I don’t work for TR)