Restore Old Training Plan Functionality!



Your approach is N=1 though. I prefer to do all of the prescribed workouts, at my leisure, rather than missing any. Some of us don’t have specific races or events, just a desire to improve.

It’s not N=1 though, no more so than your approach is. There are many people who prefer to have a structured training plan to follow, while allowing for manipulation of that plan to fit around their schedule. The calendar allows exactly this.

You say you have a desire to improve, and suggest that the best way to do this is to follow the order of a training plan with indeterminate amounts of time between each workout. It could be argued (and I would) that this is not the best way to go about it. If you can’t commit to a schedule then that’s understandable (although consistency is one of the biggest factors for seeing improvement), but you would probably be better served by picking your workouts yourself rather than just following the order of a training block. There’s no point, for example, following the workouts of a rest week in order if it’s going to take you multiple weeks to complete them.


Of course there are many people that prefer to have a structured plan, like the majority of the people who want to improve. Hell, I’d prefer it, but its just not possible in many instances.

I say I have a desire to improve, yes I do, and doing it the way I am, since last January, has warranted a 40% increase in FTP. I’m not talking about missing weeks and weeks, but more like having to push workouts out by days, so sometimes you might only get 2 in a week, maybe some weeks 1, maybe some weeks I’ll ride outside twice and get no trainer time. But the current calendar functionality appears to make that more of a pain for a number of people. (Not myself, I quite like having to move things about and find it very simple to do so on Windows during my worktime procrastination :smile: )

It would be interesting to compare the difference between one way or the other. I bet there is very little in it for the average Joe. :wink:


If I had one primary beef with it I would say (from a triathlon perspective) I would like to be able to add my own run and swim workouts as I don’t use the ones in TrainerRoad plan.

I’m not gong to comment on whether I like the calendar function or not but will say…I didn’t have it before and can live without it now. In the end, if it ends up costing me more…I would bag it. Just my two cents…