Ride Photos / Action Shots!


How about a thread for action shots? (Of course all disciplines, I just ride MTB!)

A few from the Ardrock Enduro 2018

Bike Park Wales


Bottom of Courchavel:

Top of the Col Du Galibier:

Descent into Bozel:


Lucky to have talented photographers at my local CX races, these are just a few. I’d love to get some printed but it seems kind of vain to have giant pics of myself lol


Newbie cyclist grinding up Monitor East - 3106’ / 9.9 miles / 6% grade:

Another big climb - Mt Fig Gran Fondo:

halfway down 9 mile descent as “warm up” to 18 mile / 5% climb up Col du Mosquito Ridge:

Different kind of action - I was selected as one of four UCI Doping chaperones for Amgen 2018 Stage 5 and pulled GC out of a hat. Got to follow the podium guys into post race tent, its kind of tight backstage and bumped into Sagan while shadowing TJVG:


I’m waiting for an affordable drone that can follow me and take some photos.


having a go in one of many doomed solo breaks.


Few weeks ago during race #2 of my triathlon season here in Melbourne :+1:t2:


Back then and now.





Looks like fear:


How technically tough is the Art Rock Enduro? I’m getting back into mountain biking after only road riding recently and wondering if it’s beyond my ability? I usually ride trail centres like Dalby, Hamsterley, Llandegla etc but I wouldn’t say I’m a brilliant downhiller. Thoughts?


Suffering in the heat at L’etape du Tour earlier this year.


From Offroad Valdres 150, 2018:


Me at the Bec CC hill climb on White Lane, UK.

Credit: Dave Hayward


Top of the “oude kwaremont” tour of flanders, full distance even ride home to have a total of 302km that day…(it was a bet with a pro tour rider, he couldn’t stand we only had to do 234km and they have to do 264)


Different club but interesting angles…


Two man break and a photo finish from the Tour De Nez here in Reno in 2016.

Aircraft Carrier…circa 2010

Sea Otter 2018

Epic Rides Carson Off Road 2018


Just going for a walk with my bike.


DH racer to Triathlete? I must know this story!