Ride Photos / Action Shots!


All my best action shots (that I look like I am trying) are from the track.


Winning is Fun :slight_smile:


RIP to Aircraft Carrier :cry:


Yeah…I heard it changed quite a bit…havent been up their in probably 6 years…it was pretty rickety back then.


Yep, it completely collapsed so now it’s just a regular double


Old Mission Peninsula, Traverse City, MI


Grew up just past McKinley on East Bay. Sure miss it.


Racing with a bronze medalist paralympian, coming into the final turn last lap! She took it by several bike lengths on me.

Pulling Coryn Rivera (for like 5 seconds) in the Manhattan Beach Grand Prix!


Funny how life plays out sometimes!

I was racing the European DH series until about 5 years ago, then a few things happened:

  1. I moved from the mountains with an excellent trail and uplift infrastructure at my doorstep to the flatlands with the nearest track is an hours drive away
  2. My responsibility at work grew so the risk of being out due to injury weighed into my decisions
  3. We had our first child.

All this combined meant that spending a full day training in the woods and long weekends racing became very hard, at times impossible. I also lost some of my edge with age and drifted from top 10 finisher with the occasional cat 2 podium to middle of the pack which made it even harder to commit 100% during a race run. On the other hand I’ve always done some road cycling for base condition and running as cross training, especially during winter. So one day I signed up for a local sprint, for fun. Almost drowned, but liked it. Learned to swim, did a 70.3 and this year a full IM. After all I just really enjoy riding bikes. And as it turns out, hammering along on a TT bike can be a lot of fun!


Those Ard Rock pics make me want to MTB!


Mont Ventoux :biking_woman:t2:


Sick road gap :metal:t3:


A few photos from this seasons racing. From top to bottom - Tom Anderson RR where we were up the road for about 40km and just getting reeled in, MFCC RR in the break from the flag until 10km where my teammate took the win, and the Tour series Crit in Aberdeen.


Its designed for “everyone”. There are no un-rollable features. Some of it is tech for sure but nothing too crazy. Of course the faster you go it get wild, I thought I was going to die on multiple occastions :grin:

For a bit of reference it took me approx 6 hours to do the whole loop and only 22 mins to do the times DH sections. I was approx top 25%.

There are shorter versions on the day too.


This is the best thread on the forum!!!


Cold and wet at Malham Cove (2018 Hope Pre-Peaks CX)


A few from a skills course I did back in 2016.

And one of my little guy Fox getting to grips with his first bike :blush:


Cheers - I see it’s already sold out for 2019!


It was tough wasn’t it - you riding next years? I much preferred 2017 and climbing Col d’Izoard than this year.


It sold out in 1 minute for 2019!! I was lucky and my friends and I all got tickets for the main event on the Saturday. (Did Sunday this year). However, there are generally a few tickets that need moving on nearer the time as people have to drop out for whatever reason!