Ride Photos / Action Shots!


The middle two climbs really broke me. I think I would have done better with the longer slightly shallower climbs.

I’m giving 2019 a miss to do some riding closer to home but it was a fantastic experience that I will definitely look to do again.


They were steep compared to what you’d normally find in the Alps - I had the wrong gearing which is why I struggled. Lots of climbing in 2019 but back to more traditional gradients for the Alps - but long climbs compared to this year.
I’m lucky enough to know most of next years route so far more prepared in terms of what to expect!


Get outta here! Both peninsulas miss you. How long you been away?


When I went away to school back in the late 80’s. My folks are still there. They still ride the tandem around from time to time at 78 and 79!


A local uphill race at the end of the season. Right in my backyard.


One of my favorites just because of mud and up-closeness!
:camera: Kenny Girvan Photography


This is why I don’t do cyclocross!!!


The traditional ‘longest day’ ride run on the weekend nearest mid summers day. Typical lovely sunny day in the UK!



Last decent on the 2018 L’Etape du Tour


Reaching finish line after 20K Full Gaz TT :slight_smile:



Thanks for sharing. Glad to hear you’ve found passion in riding a new kind of bike and glad you didn’t drown, I know I would have. Best of luck with your full IM this year!


Climbing up Storm King a while back. I miss the sun!


I love this thread! You guys have some beautiful shots!

The only dirt that’s rideable right now in our area.

Racing the Downieville DH last year

Our local collegiate DH race

The Dirty Sanchez Enduro - probably my favorite race out there


In an attempt to hit sub 1h 40k TT without TT setup…



Pre-ride before the Pain in the Mass Tour, then the summit push on that big baddie, Mt. Washington.


In “action”:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Put on a helmet! :wink: