Ride Photos / Action Shots!


A frosty early season HIM in the New Forest.


That’s a good thread!

Local crit series in Amsterdam:

Tatra Road Race in Poland:

Maratona dles Dolomites in Italy:

Not a race, but one of the best days on the bike this year (and ever), solo attack on Mt Whitney Portal Rd:


Shameless plug for my cycling IG @shutupkevin :joy:


Top of the Col Du Pre


A couple of yars ago. I am satisfied with everything in this picture except from my Spagetthi-arms :slight_smile:


One of my favorites. This is from a 6 hour mountain bike race in Texas last Spring. The reflectors were an ongoing joke until I finally removed them.


I always sport a ginger mohican on Zwift so I can spot myself in the pack!


Early season fixed gear ride with my son and his 20-something friends


In order…

  1. Finishing the Cherry Roubaix (my “A” race every year)
  2. Finishing the Barry Roubaix…world’s largest gravel race
  3. Bike the Drive in Chicago with my favorite riding buddy :slight_smile:


Cross on the MTB, why not :man_shrugging:


Stacked hands, because @Nate said so. (BBS confirmed it in field testing too!) Superfrog 70.3 2018

Stretching out enjoying the view. Superfrog 70.3 2018

Just because I also ride on the road - climbing Palomar Mtn all by my lonesome.
And my avatar - ITU Sprint Tri world championships, Chicago 2016. Shot by a buddy in the crowd coming out of a turnaround.


Here is one of my son taking a drop off a wooden berm. He wanted to take this drop from the first day he saw it. Glad to say he sent it like a pro. I have not yet mustered the nerve to ride it yet…


Cherry Roubaix is so fun! I don’t think I can make it up there in 2019 but, if it works out I hope to be there! Grew up in TC and worked many summers out in Glen Arbor…


So cool.


Sweet ride.


2017 Badlands Gravel Battle, 77 miles( Medora, ND. USA ). Me, Black Jersey on the right.


Cheeky!! Rockin’ the denim spandex! :+1:


The back pockets are functional too!


Leelanau County = best road riding spot in the country that hardly anyone talks about.


For sure. I hope it stays unknown personally.