Ride Photos / Action Shots!


That is awesome. I was in Provence a couple of years ago, before I really got into cycling. But, I kind of fell in love with the idea of riding that epic mountain. Good to see someone had the courage to do it!


@Crownan those are some excellent shots! What did you to shoot them?


Going up Mount Revelstoke in British Columbia.


Fat lad beating some skinny kids to the top of a climb in the Cotswolds, UK (2017). It was my home race, so I knew that this was the final bend to be immediately followed by a nice easy descent so could push hard for the last few metres!

Unfortunately they soon hunted me down…


The Ardrock and BPW ones are professional shots. The others are just camera phones.


On my way to second place in this year’s Japan ultra long distance national triathlon championships. A much improved 4th fastest bike split-thanks trainerroad!-helped me massively.


Sa Calobra, Mallorca


This was taken at our recent cross state championship race. I didn’t win but I did get this cool photo. :grinning:


Photo Credit: Dan Singer



Some highlights/lowlights of my 2018 season starting with:

Me being a total moron in a crit, pulling everyone along for about 3 laps… Gave 30 guys a free ride which was very kind of me.

Slightly more sensible, sitting in behind the only guy in the bunch the same size as me!

Right at the end of the end of season hillclimb. Not an event for chunky me!

Taking one of the turns in a 25 mile/40km TT - probably my most satisfying race of the season putting in a 1:02 on road bike with no aero extensions on a rolling course.

[/2018 ego trip]


Love the action shots from the Cotswolds. I trekked through there last year. It was amazing. You live in a beautiful corner of the world, and the food! I think that is the best kept secret in all of Europe.



One of my favourite climbs of the season - Le Rosier at Liege-Bastogne-Liege.


24h race on the Nürburgring


Very cool!


Ironman Chattanooga. Yep, did it on a road bike (Colnago CT1)


A few from this years Hill Climb season.


Grinta!!! …


Isle of Man Lighthouses Challenge 2017


hillclimbs are silly things…

nice photos!