Ride Photos / Action Shots!


While not an action shot I thought I’d share the pic I took of my friend Rick taken at the lighthouse in Mallorca this year. Cycling must be good for you, 70+ still going strong and looking cool!


Yesterday’s Battle of the Bing 2.0 was surprisingly dry for January in Scotland.



Iceman Cometh 2018 - I was lucky enough to be able to race the pro category and was absolutely overwhelmed with the thousands of people cheering on the side of the course. Such an incredible event. These photos were about 3KM from the finish.


This was from my first crit last year. Was 40lbs heavier and probably off the back.


Riding McLovin in Marquette, Michigan this summer

Copper Harbor Trails Fest Enduro a couple of years ago

Sending a drop at Boyne Highlands in Michigan 3 or 4 years ago

After drinking WAY too much beer I decided to launch into Lake Superior during the dock jump at Copper Harbor Trails Fest. (Sadly they don’t do this any more)


The recon ride for the upcoming “Old Man Winter” ride in Colorado saw some gorgeous weather and gravel/road bikes on single track…


Nice!! Love to see some UP love on here. Marquette is a special place, I miss riding there! Also, we probably raced against each other before.

Thanks for posting :call_me_hand:


Day 2 of 3 of the really terrific Tour of Wessex (Day 2 of 2 for me). I’d like to think I dropped them all :wink:

The first day (Saturday) was 107mi (7,200’) and the 2nd (Sunday) was 116mi (7400’). The third day (Monday) was 112mi (10,500’) but not for me. My knee began to hurt late on the 2nd stage so I bailed on the third day as my A race that year was a 69-mile run 3-weeks later (The Wall… follow’s Hadrian’s Wall from the northeast coast of England to the northwest coast. I recommend it. Great aid stations.).



A team mate did days 1 & 2 of the Tour of Wessex. He loved it. Missed day three as his wife went into labour. He’s planning to do all three days this year though.


When you’re behind the guy with the GoPro you wave at the GoPro even if it’s 40 miles into the road race (taken at The Jersey Devil - elite men’s state championship RR for NJ)


I realize that I left out of my post that the pic is from 2016. I haven’t ridden ToW since.

Your teammate had a good reason to leave, that’s sure. While the third day would have been painful, his wife would have made sure his absence would’ve been more!


Great pics! Really enjoyed college at MTU in Houghton, but it was before mtn bikes were a thing so we were hiking those trails instead of riding 'em.



The trails at MTU are great! Lots of interesting features and a great flow trail. If you ever make it back up there be sure to take your bike.


Definitely and thanks for the tip! Did a lot of XC skiing on the trails behind the SDC, are those the same trails for mtn biking?


Same area. The singletrack crosses the XC trails in quite a few spots


Top of Alpe d’Huez during the '92 Tour de France, when Andy Hampstem won. Tour_de_matthew_Sharpened

Inaugural Haute Route Mavic Rockies 2017 - getting ready to start the

Stage 4 time trial


Meteora…a sight for sore eyes after 4,000km in 15 days.


Chasing my nemesis this season. 1

Loose leaves and pine needles on mud.


How is that ride? Isn’t it the longest climb in Canada? Would love to do it one day.