Riding "in" Road Grand Tours wile completing a Trainerroad workout


Hi, has anyone successfully set up Trainerroad and Road Grand Tours at the same time? I have seen instructions for Zwift and TR, but road grand tours does not seem to have an option to not control the trainer, and it wont grab my ANT+ stick if I open Trainerroad first.



To confirm, your smart trainer is your only power data source?


At the moment, but I could pop a battery in my Stages and use that…o, good idea.


Nope, Road Grand Tours will only grab my trainer while Tranierroad will grab anything. Road Grand Tours will also only grab a sensor if Trainerroad is not open first. I could ride a flat course in RGT and non-erg mode for TR but that was not what I was looking for. O,well.


From RGT

Apologies on the delayed response, we are in transition of switching to another help desk and it seems that the emails from our support site are still coming in the old help desk inbox, we are working on fixing this.

Power cycle your trainer, open up Trainerroad first and connect with that.

Once you open up RGT, select only POWER, deselect your trainer from Trainer tab.

This should do it, please let me know.