Road to Kona Quali: Multi-year Plan


Just smile and know you’re the better person :wink:

That is a proper nightmare. I hope getting to Nottingham should be easier and you get better weather than we had last year :crossed_fingers:



I have not done it at a race, but I have gotten a lot of comments like “Is your bike broke?” after many a training ride.



I’m sort of following the plan that tribuddah is putting forward with the IM then stepback phase, but with 2 years of speed focus then IM. I raced IM Wisconsin in 2016 and finished in a pretty disappointing 12:06 but I overcooked the bike and my run really suffered. The next two years I really focused on speed at the Oly distance and I’ve increased my FTP from 230 to 305 since then. Last year I started to place in my AG (and close to the front overall as I’m a 35M) so now I’m going to give IMFL a shot this year. Also very new to TR as I just started this week, but I’m hoping for some extra Watts between now and November.



That’s some big gains! Cheers :beer: