Rocker Plates for Trainers



Sounds like whatever you are using for a spring might have too much rebound?


I noticed this when I first started and found that my cadence wasn’t as smooth as I thought. By concentrating on ‘kick & pull’ and ‘knees like pistons’, I have greatly reduced the bounce. There is definitely some rocking (more pronounced in a standing position); scroll up for his thoughts on this from November 13.


Does your rocker have a rigid vertical support?

Or is it only supported by “springs”?

If only springs, that is one of the aspects of “floating” rockers. You can improve it a bit if you add more support in the middle. Some with the tennis ball rockers do more down the center to stiffen it.

Or you can add rigid support that prevents the bounce.


There are 3 elastomeric pivots in the center and 2 inflatable balls on the sides. I only noticed the light bounce when my rpm was above 100. Maybe it’s what @pwandoff mentioned a few weeks ago about cadence. I’m rarely in that high of a cadence so not a big deal to me. Just curious about it. Thanks!

(edit: there are 3 pivots in the center, not 2)


Thanks. I reviewed your posts and will keep all that in mind.


Maybe. Going to keep an eye on any future issues. Thanks.


vertical support - is the reason to prevent bouncing?


Yes, that’s why instated with mechanical hinges. I saw the rubber mounts used by CoPlate on their rockers, and I didn’t like the bounce and squirm.

I am warming to the idea of rubber mounts for pivots, but to think they may be best when used as a full length rocker. I think there will be better control of motion with the increases length.

Being rubber, I think there will always be some bounce, but to a point, that may not the all bad.


Anyone have any feedback in regard to motion on rocker plates being opposite that of natural motion out of the saddle outside? See video at 2:25: Has anyone noticed this and is it an issue for you? Thanks


I do have opinions. Some of my comments in that video. Some are aired in the related thread on FB in my rocker plate group.

I successfully use the proper pedal timing in my videos.

And here are some from others. All show correct pedal timing, which proves that it is very possible, even with existing equipment.

That said, there are changes that I want to make to rocker design that I hope will make the transition to a rocker more natural overall, and make the timing aspect more innate.

I have used these over 3-years and fine tuned my rocker and my riding on them. I think my current rocker setup (very light springs) is one aspect that is not fully explored by some rocker users.

I can expand more on this topic if there is interest.

Ultimately, we have not made the “perfect” rocker yet, but I am still trying to get us there.


ugh, just when I was getting excited about possible going beyond throwing some air bags under a board…


LOL. I have this posted somewhere, but here is a short summary.

Right or wrong, the standing aspect of cycling use, especially sprinting, make up a tiny portion of our time on the trainer. Standing overall is probably 5% or less. Sprinting is probably 1-2% max. So, even if they are “wrong” they are negligible at best.

Also, they are still better than RIGID which forces a totally unnatural motion from our body on it’s own. There is more to be gained from adding the rocker in light of potential frame stress standing, if people choose to do that.

The largest benefit to rockers is now and will continue to be COMFORT. Adding some motion is SOOOO much better than a rigid setup. Even the simplest rockers used give the rider notable relief in saddle comfort.

I feel that is largely the result of maximal pressure reduction, as shown in my Saddle Mapping video. And I feel this is likely to come from the simple rockers as well as the complex ones.


I’m not planning on doing any standing on the trainer. Pretty happy with my form on the bike while riding outside, and anything unnatural on the trainer is saved for doing outside.

My one and only goal is to delay “pain in the a**” that usually sets in around the 90 minute mark.


That should be quite possible then. It is the highest result of why people built rockers, in the polls I ran last season. Comfort is still the primary reason driving new people into the FB RP group.



not trying to hassle you… I read that as a wish list… guess I’m hoping for enough marginal gains in comfort (w/o new annoyances) to make it worth the effort.


You are doubtful, just like I was, but I can tell you unequivocally that your comfort will improve. My setup cost $50 USD (not including the ratchet strap - I had that on hand) and the ROI has been great. As for the pads, you can adjust the air pressure to your liking and the ‘bounce’ is pretty much non-existent now that I have gotten used to it. My recommendation - spend the $50 and don’t put too much more thought into it.


For sure. I think you can and will see improvement. That may be especially so for those that don’t stand often on the trainer right now.

In those cases, there is little if any relief on the sit bones and related tissue while using a rigid trainer. The slight movement seen in most rockers seems to be enough to lessen the discomfort.

As for new annoyances, I have seen nearly unanimous approval of rockers when people finally get on one. A few have said they felt little to no improvement. I have seen a few sold when people decided the movement wasn’t what they wanted.

With the wide variety of ways to make a rocker, we see varied amounts of movement and the directions related to each design. I can give some guidance if you think you have a preference. I have a foundation document with some private info, but I can boil it down to my thoughts (pro/con) on the various designs.

Happy to help you however I can to get to the desired function in the easiest way possible.


The air pillow / mini bosu thingies are in transit so money already spent. Just trying to figure out if I should commit and go for Chad’s 2x4 center beam thingie to stop bounce, or keep it simple and “ride like a genie on the air mattress” LOL.

Maybe overthinking it, but I figure “why cut twice” and so thinking of a board to fit both front and back wheels. And then I read todays comments about bouncing around on a longboard.

Construction beams, genies, skateboards… heaven help us, if I keep talking out loud not sure how many disconnected analogies I’ll pull out of thin air :rofl:


I’m thinking Mag-Lev is the way to go but that darn liquid nitrogen makes the paincave too cold