Rotational Shiftwork


I work a rotation where I am up to 2 weeks on a offshore oil-rig, and then get double what I worked - off work.
Meaning: if I work 1 week - i get 2 weeks off. If I work 2 weeks I get 4 weeks off, but I don´t know how long I will be at work until maybe 2 days before I travel offshore.

When I´m at work I don´t get to work out as much as I want maybe maximum 45minutes a day on a basic spin bike, but when I´m home I can work out 10 hours a day if I want to…

My plan is to follow the training plans when home, maybe add on little longer rides on days with nice weather, and then the first week offshore -taper
and second week -introduce some intervals- mainly short VO2 max efforts, so that my legs dont feel to dead when I come home. first workout when I come home will always be a ramp test.

does this make any kind of sense?