Running Power @RPE


Hey guys,

I’m trying to follow the Triathlon Plans but struggle with the RPE prescriptions of the running plans.
Maybe RPE works better than HR, but my RPE is highly dependent of my overall mental state. For example if I listen to music that pushes me, my RPE is at 0 although I am running at threshold pace.
Or at the end of a long slow run, my RPE is at 8-9 although I am running slow in Zone 2.

I hope the solution for me could be running power, because pace is no option (due to rolling terrain everywhere nearby).
Is there a way to convert the RPE prescriptions into running power zones?


Right now my approach (using a Stryd) is to try to match the descriptive power zones (there are different running power zone models, I think I’m using Jim Vance’s from the book Running With Power) to the descriptions of the RPE levels. It’s not exact, but it’s something. It does require a running critical power test, of course.


Everyone’s definition of the zones is slightly different so it’s hard sometimes to get them to align across the board. I tend to go with Jim Vance’s zones from the Running with Power book, but that doesn’t even align with the zones Stryd gives you.

I wouldn’t discount pace or HR just because of terrain either… just remember to adjust. Like @chad always says “Data informs perception.”

With that said, the TR guys did a blog post a hire back about trinanig while traveling and had a chart to convert RPE to the TR zones

I would use this to help convert the RPE in the running plans into whatever metric you decide to use whether that be power, pace, or HR. It looks like it divides into the standard 7 zone arrangement pretty well.


I can’t remember the source, but I convert RPE to pace thusly.I also can’t be sure if “10k” is your PB pace. Happy to be corrected.

As others have said, it’s not strict, it’s a guideline. If it feels too hard, then it is!

RPE 2 = Recovery Pace = Light Jog/Brisk Walk = <55%

FTP RPE 4 = Easy Pace = Marathon = Endurance/55-75% FTP

RPE 6 = Easy-Moderate Pace = Half-Marathon = Tempo 75-85% FTP

RPE 7 = Moderate Pace = 10k = Sweet Spot/85-95%

FTP RPE 8 = Moderate-Hard Pace = 5k = Threshold/95-105% FTP

RPE 9 = Hard Pace = 400’s = VO2 Max/105-120% FTP

RPE 10 = All-Out Pace = 100’s = Anaerobic/>120% FTP


I agree with your scale, but I would move the Maraton/Half Marathon/10K, etc once step down. Threshold would be a 10K effort as it’s closer to a 1h effort (FTP) than a 5K.