Running TR on a Chromebook?


Anyone tried using the TR app on a Chromebook? Interested to hear what the compatibility is like? I’m assuming the mobile version works?

Many thanks


Hey Mike!

Unfortunately, we do not have any compatibility with Chromebooks :pensive: While some people have tried to use the Android version of the app on their Chromebooks, they tend to run into issues getting the wireless protocols to work properly and it is not recommended.

I’'m sorry I don’t have better news for you!


Yeah, this is very much an issue with Chrome OS and not the TR Android app. Chrome OS runs Android apps in a virtualized sandbox, so they don’t have full access to the full gamut of Chrome OS hardware. This can cause an issue with Bluetooth and completely ignores USB input for ANT+ compatibility.

It’s a bummer and something I’d like to see Google address in the future, but I’m sure ANT+ compatibility in Chrome OS isn’t super high on their to-do list since it’s such a niche use.


Crap, I tried for an hour yesterday to use my new HP Chromebook on the trainer. Never could get all the sensors to pair up properly.


I bought a Chromebook and tried a variety of methods to try to get it to connect to my smart trainer and gave up. I bought a copy of Windows 10 and was able to install that on it - warning! only certain hardware can run windows


Yeah man, Chrome OS has a long way to go still. Slowly, but surely it’s coming along, but I know Google has bigger things to worry about than ANT+ and Bluetooth compatibility in Android apps on Chromebooks. :confused: