Separate FTP for outside and inside rides


It would be great if TrainerRoad could set a different FTP for outside rides than rides done on a trainer.
I use an ERG trainer and if I use the FTP from my power meter and Garmin then trainerRoad rides are to hard! Using the FTP from Trainer Road ramp tests makes TrainerRoad sessions feel just right on my trainer, but then the TSS score from outside rides using my power meter are just silly. Be great if there was a way to have two FTP’s set in the software .
If there already is a way to do this and I have just missed it please let me know:grinning:


You can manually overwrite the TSS for a ride in the Custom Tab for an outdoor ride. I upload my rides to Cycling Analytics, which is set to my outdoor FTP. When I link an outdoor ride to the TR calendar, I just put TSS from CA into TR. 13%20am


Thanks. Not sure I want yet another upload!
What I have tried on the latest ride is changing the FTP for that ride to my outdoor FTP. This has brought the TSS back to sensible levels. Does anyone know if this will change my FTP for further rides and therefore I will need to change it back before a trainer ride, or does it just affect that particular ride?