Sexy topic alert - Any jock itch sufferers?


I have been suffering badly with jock itch since I started back on the turbo about 3 weeks ago. I generally sweat a lot, even with a floor fan on full blast. I try to wash my bibs or shorts after two workouts and leave them hanging up to air them out in between. I always shower straight after the workout too. I have tried a cream with 1% Clotrimazole from the pharmacist with talcum powder to keep the area dry 2-3 times a day for the last 10 days but it doesn’t seem to have helped at all. It’s starting to drive me crazy at night.

Does anyone else suffer with this? I would be grateful for any tips that might help me out.


I wash my bibs after every use


Wash shorts after every use! Get more if not practical… I have 3 pairs of good quality bibs that I wear and then wash all at once.


Yeah…wash your bibs after every ride! I had a bout with this last summer…I tried all the creams etc. What finally made it go away was apple cider vinegar.


How did you apply the apple cider vinegar? Just rubbed it on?


You’re sure it’s a fungal infection and not just irritation from shaving and sweaty chafing/scratching? And as others have said, of course never wear the bibs twice in a row without washing.


I put it in a spray bottle…sprayed it on then rubbed it in…rashes were gone in less than a week.


Wash those shorts every time. Jock itch is a yeast infection. Go to the pharmacy and get a cream. The pharmacist can recommend which one. But it will keep coming back if you done wear clean shorts every ride. Plus I can only imagine the smell… Also will help avoid saddle soars.


I use this whenever the Saddle Sore Colony returns…



I had problems a few years back (year before the last Paris-Brest-Paris, 2014). I decided to get ride of toenail fungus before I did PBP and that treatment killed all other fungi too. I haven’t had a problem since.

Wash those bibs. I throw them in the washer before I get into the shower.

I suppose you could get some thought to the washing detergent you use.




Follow standard protocol described above regarding getting out of kit ASAP and washing between washes.
If it’s still a problem

  1. 100% tea tree oil. You can get it on Amazon for cheap. Soak the end of a Q-Tip and apply to area that gets irritated. Do this after every ride (post-shower) to clean up the area. It’s an anti-septic so it will ensure the area is clean and will massively cut down on chance of actual infection and sore forming.

  2. Penaten. If you do develop a sore use this to help heal the sore. I will apply overnight but use in conjunction with tea tree oil, just don’t use them at the same time.


Wash bibs after every use, unless unavoidable.

I had a 24hr team event in September with 6 turns/rides, think I used 4 pairs of bibs wearing 2 of them twice. Hung them up to air in between but with it being cool at night and not particularly breezy they were still moist.

I used an alcohol gel for my sit bones area. Didn’t go near the jewels. No issues be that rash, chafing, sores etc. (Fellow heavy sweater)

Worlds best shower after I got home. :raised_hands:


Prevention is best way to treat this.

But if you do get it, a jock itch is basically a Grade 1 superficial burn of the skin from repeated rubbing. 1% hydrocortisone cream such as itching cream is great at reducing the inflammation and pain.