Share your Ramp Test playlists!



I did a quick look up on Spotify for “Ramp Test” and was disappointed to only see 1 or 2 public playlists there! Thought it would be fun to create an ongoing thread where we could all share suggestions to test out new variations. Here is my first pass!

Playlist tracks and length:
"Know This Love (feat. Litens) - KREAM, Litens 3:46
“Out of my Mind” - Luca Scchreiner, Loe 6:40
“Couldn’t Be Better” - ARTY x Vion Konger Remix 9:53
“Chun-Li” - Nicki Minaj 3:12 3:05
“Plain Jane” - A$AP Ferg 2:54 15:59
“Wake Up” - Kayzo, RIOT 5:16 21:15

DISCLAIMER: This playlist was created by a millennial. :slight_smile: I wanted to start out with upbeat pop songs that transition into a house/trance track to liven up the legs. I threw in rap/hip hop as the workout starts to get tougher and then right when the workout gets downright miserable you’re hit with a hard dubstep track. Haven’t actually tried this yet but I think the timing will work well!

Let’s see your suggestions!


Yip, I’m old, don’t recognise a single artist listed!

Instead, I had a playlist, but now just hit random when doing the Ramp Test


Haha fair enough! I’m hoping to find some playlist options from this thread that I wouldn’t normal listen to :slight_smile: . Feel free to post what you put on for your test as I’d love to take a listen!


Love the millennial disclaimer. LOL great playlist thanks for sharing.


Here you go, includes my cool down.

The Depeche Mode track is the Split Mix version.


ACDC Live and Angus Young Berlin Full Concert in a dark room.


and this… Absolute Blackness with the music blasting and Coach Chad OFF!


This is so awesomely 90’s! (and/or 80’s) Crystal Method/Prodigy both make awesome trainer music.


I sometimes think Spotify knows when I’m struggling and gets the prodigy on



I get bored of listening to a whole song during a ramp test so prefer live DJ sets like this one:


It wasn’t my scene at all at the time, but it gets me going now for FTP tests or hard sessions!


I listen to the Rocky IV soundtrack!!


For those into something harder and more aggressive (that’s not EDM)


Have this set up as a slow burn, ending with RATM’s Killing in the Name, and when my legs start yelling at me to stop, I shout back ‘f*** you I won’t do what you tell me’


Keep posting the playlists, I’m really in need of inspiration.

I suffer from the classic, slow ballad coming on as you enter the last minute of the test :frowning:


I find that a dash of phillip glass turns the pain into poetry.



I will have to try this! It definitely kills the rhythm when the track changes.


Yeah definitely, and if that track changes at just the wrong moment it can be a real killer! There’s some awesome sets out there. Skrillex, Marshmello, JackU, Diplo, Avicii, Martin Garrix, all really good!