Should I change my cadence or maintain what I am doing


The instruction texts during workouts often suggest a cadence somewhere between 85 and 95 rpm. Is that something that’s mandatory in order to get the best training results or are higher cadences equally effective?

Context: I normally ride between 100 and 115 rpm. It is a habbit I fostered over years. I am just a bit worried that it might harm my progress. Not that I have experienced any.


Not mandatory at all. The text is written in a general sense, and with the intent to bring up cadence that is often very low for new riders.

They aim to get people up into the 90-ish range for a majority of the training, because it is more efficient than lower cadences

Your faster cadence if fine. The main consideration beyond getting into that 99 range is to use an appropriate cadence range for your actual event needs. Look at your actual use and make sure to train around that to be ready for your event and regular riding.


Thanks for your input.

Thing is there are no events. Just working out on a turbo on a daily basis to reach a maximum of fitness.
Every now and then I ride outdoors with the misses. But she is at 1.5 watts per kilo. So no real challenge there.

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